Help with Raid setup strategy for new workstation

By monographix ·

I am having my first ever Raid (ICH9R) workstation and i am ignorant as to what is the best storage scheme strategy for speed. The system has 8Gb ram, 4 Raptors 150 and one 750Gb sata drive.

The work performed in this would be mainly desktop publishing , Photoshop, CorelDRAW and the likes, and priority in the setup is speed. I am going for Raid-0 and will be keeping backup elsewhere of whatever is in the Raid-0.

What scheme is suggested for optimum speed?

For example having it all on a single 4-disc Raid-0 array (OS, Applications, Pagefile, Scratch disk, Works) ? (sync/backing it up on the single non-raid sata drive)

Have the OS and applications on the single sata drive and the pagefile/scratch disc/works on the 4-disk Raid-0 ? (and backit up on the free room of the single sata drive?)

have 2 Raid-0 arrays and split os/applications - works/pagefile/scratch on them, backing up on the single sata drive ? etc .........

Any input appreciated
Thank you

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Use the SATA drive for scratch, 4 Raptors in RAID 1+0

by georgeou In reply to Help with Raid setup stra ...

Use the SATA drive for scratch, 4 Raptors in RAID 1+0. Note that any striping RAID technology like RAID 1+0 or 5 write slowing unless writebackcaching is enabled. However, that's a more dangerous mode to write if there is a power outage during a write where the cache hasn't been fully committed to disk yet.

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