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Help with Reconnecting to the Internet

By PaulEamonn ·
Tags: Networking
Hi all.

Firstly I must say that I am not, in any way, computer literate when it comes to the 'back-room' stuff concerning settings and that sort of thing. So if you are good enough to try to help me with this problem, please keep the answers as 'idiot-guide' as possible. Thank you.

The history to this is that I live in a shared house with 7 other people. We have a sky router that give us all WiFi connection to the Internet.

A little while ago we started having problems in that the connection kept going down. Sky decided it was the router and gave us another one. As this didn't solve the problem they sent out an engineer who suggested that the telephone wire between the wall socket and the router was damaged. The router was moved and a new wire supplied.

This seems to have solved the problem as I am now using the house WiFi to connect to the Internet and post on this forum. The problem is, I am having to use my laptop to post to this forum as I can't get my PC connected to the network.

Before the problems the PC was connected and, barring the previously mentioned disconnects, evrything was fine. Now, however, when I try to connect the PC to the Internet the following occurs -

I click on the little Internet icon down in the bottom right hand corner of my task bar and the list box that should show available networks comes up. So far so good.

The problem here is that there is only one available network shown and that is the one offered by the old router that is no longer in the house. The new router is not shown.

The curious thing is, when I click on the 'Network and Internet Settings' link at the bottom of the list box and then go to 'WiFi' and then to 'Manage known networks' I can see the new router listed, but not the old one.

I am running Windows 10 on both my laptop and my PC and they are both running the Home edition (64 bit).

I think what I need is some kind soul to check whatever setting should be set to see if they are correct. So, like I said earlier, simple instructions and questions are requested please.

I look forward to receiving your replies and thank you in advance for your help.


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Help with Reconnecting to the Internet

by dpbarry1 In reply to Help with Reconnecting to ...

Hi PaulEamonn

So that I can get it clear in my head, does everyone else in the house see the new Router?

Can you see the new router using any other laptops/phones.


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