help with recycle bin

By slader4881 ·
I recently deleted some files by accident that I want to keep. But my recycle bin always shows empty so I cannot restore them. I have checked the Recycle bin properties and everything is fine.
Any suggestions?

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Provided that you haven't used the computer and can save recovered

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to help with recycle bin

Data to a different drive you should be able to use any of the Data Recovery Tools available to recover your data. When you delete a file it doesn't physically remove the file just the address for it on the HDD so it effectively becomes invisible to the computer.

But if you have used this system for any length of time it's possible that you have already overwritten the deleted files which will make it far more expensive to recover them. Here is a list of some of the available Data Recovery Software

While I can not vouch for them all here is a list.

This place has two main products Win Hex is for those who know Hex inside out and works a treat but is also very dangerous if you don't know Hex very well and Davory which works well though somewhat slower.

Defiantly the best available but at over 1K it's a tad expensive.

I've heard some good things about this one but never personally used it.

That's the Best List of the Data Recovery Programs available and some are even really cheap though they do tend to be slower in recovering your data.

But remember the Golden Rule when it comes to any form of Data Recovery whenever you are recovering Data always write it to a different Drive so that you never run the risk of Overwriting any existing Data that has as yet been untouched.



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do a system restore

by Jesus_C In reply to help with recycle bin

to a date before you deleted the documents

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