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Help with replication of legacy software on old server!

By stanleyn ·
Hi, i'm pretty new in server stuff, and more specifically virtualization. My workplace has an old Win 2k server with an old, legacy software that is still very much in use by the users and the company has no intention of upgrading the software in the near future.

Problem now is that the server is aging (sub 2003/2004) and support for it has long since been stopped. The original CDs for the mentioned software has also unfortunately been lost over the years in between the change of administrators.

I'd like to be able to port the whole setup if possible to some newer hardware, before the server fails on me, which it is close to doing now. Without having to reinstall everything from scratch again, is there any possibility that I would be able to use something like VMWare or similar to grab a snapshot of everything on the current server and re-run it in a virtual environment? Do virtual environments work this way? Otherwise any other methods of saving the server would also be much appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance, guys....

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by stanleyn In reply to This might help with your ...

Thanks Peconet, but Exchange? Unless i'm reading the article wrong?


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Yeah, go virtual.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Help with replication of ...

VMWare has tools that will convert an existing physical server to a virtually hosted on. Other hypervisors may too; I'm just familiar with VMware.

Another option is to make a hard drive image and clone the system to a new server. Don't let the new hardware boot up after you install the image. W2K isn't going to have the necessary drivers for newer iron. Instead, boot the server off a newer version, say XP or Server 2003, and try the repair option. I usually have pretty good luck doing this with 98 to 2K and 2K to XP, but I've never tried it with 2K Server to 03 Server. On the other hand, you won't be damaging the original server so you don't have much too lose. It may be the legacy apps will run on a non-server OS like XP.

Good luck.

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Which VMWare product?

by stanleyn In reply to Yeah, go virtual.

Thanks for your reply Palmetto. If you don't mind, could you please point out which tools in particular in VMWare would i need to look into? I've had a look at their website, and there's just a whole slew of products there!!

Will look into the cloning hard drive image method only if virtualization doesn't work out somehow, but judging from your reply, it looks like this is the way to go.

Cheers mate!

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