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    Help with running internet


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    I have a Wireless Laptop upstairs away from my router, and I want to run the internet from the laptop to a desktop right next to the laptop. I would like to do this without use of a router, but I don’t have a clue. I have ethernet cables and I have network cards in both computers. Hope you can help. I have tried to enable internet sharing and plug a ethernet cord into both computers. Thanks for your tips.

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      OK correct me if I’m wrong here

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      You have a NB positioned in a place beside a Desktop system and the NB is connected through a WiFi Connection to your Router right?

      Now for some reason you want to connect the Desktop to the NB so you can share the Internet Connection and possibly the internal LAN if you have one established, right?

      If that’s the case you need a Crossover Cable [b]this should be a Black CAT 5 Cable so it doesn’t get mixed up with conventional CAT Cables[/b] to go from the NB to the Desktop and you should be able to connect into the Internet and internal LAN once you plug in the Crossover CAT Cable and run the Network Setup Wizards. However you need to remember that WiFi connections are [b]SLOW![/b] So if you use the Desktop through the WIFI Connection on the NB the speed of the Internet connection on the NB is going to slow down. But if you are not using both at the same time or have one doing one job and the other doing another that doesn’t required your constant attention to both units you should be OK.

      You could also fit a WiFi Card to the Desktop and allow that to connect into the WiFi LAN as that way you could take away the NB without removing the Desktop from the LAN or Internet but that will defiantly cost you more than a crossover CAT Cable.

      Similarly you could buy a cheap Hub as you do not need another Router plug one of the cables from the Router to the Up Link Port of the Hub and then run CAT 5 cables from the Ports of the Hub to the computers that you need connected. Even the slowest 100 MBS wired connection is going to be much faster than a WiFi Connection which has a upper limit of 54 MBS and the slowest Wired LAN will be roughly twice as fast as the WiFi LAN can be, it will be even faster if you have Gigabyte LAN Cards which allow 1,000 MBS transfer speeds which is about 200 times faster than the WiFi speed.


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