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Help with Scanning to FTP

By HAFox ·
Need some advice on the use of FTP. Our office has an older BizHub that has always employed an embedded "Scan to FTP" service. Konica-Minolta provided their own utility that we've had installed on a networked XP Pro PC. The utility has only one option, to specify the shared network folder where scanned images and documents are to be stored. From what I can understand, the utility grabs the output from the BizHub which is configured with the IP address of the computer running the utility. Without any user intervention, the BizHub scans, creates the preconfigured type of of file, then sends it to the address of the FTP "server" which stores it in the specified foler. Open the network shared folder, find the new file(s) and off you go. Very easy, very fast, quite efficient.

Now the problem. The supplied FTP utility apparently does not function in Windows 7 as it did in XP Pro (wow! what a surprise!), and we can't dedicate a XP machine for the purpose. I can't find any information about an updated version of the utility that supports Win7.

So here's the question: does anyone know of any similar utility or other method that would mimic this functinality in Windows 7? Any way to configure one of the many freely available FTP servers, like FileZilla, etc., or possibly set up Win7's own FTP server, to provide such functionality?

TIA for any suggestions, ideas.

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Someone will probably offer a better suggestion, but

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Help with Scanning to FTP

you could always create a batch job using W7's FTP to upload to a network share, then use Scheduled Tasks to run the batch every five minutes or so.

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Try logging in detail on XP

by oldbaritone In reply to Help with Scanning to FTP

so you can get more information about the exchanges between the BizHub and the server.

You might find something in the log that is a tip-off why it doesn't work, and it may be a configurable setting when you know the technical details.

Two ideas occur to me immediately - does the BizHub expect to log in once and stay logged in forever? (perhaps) or does it use a password exchange not supported in W7? (like cleartext maybe, or no password?)

If you can get the log from XP, or else a log in detail on another FTP host, maybe you will be able to determine why W7 doesn't like the BizHub, and it may be something on one end or the other that can be changed with a configuration setting.

After all, FTP is pretty straightforward.

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Scantrip or SMB scanning

by Donmecca In reply to Try logging in detail on ...

Have you tried one of these options? I know both options are avialable for the Bizhub but I don't believe I have ever tried it on Windows 7 and it should work the same as XP.

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Thanks everyone...

by HAFox In reply to Scantrip or SMB scanning

Good suggestions from everyone. I'm a one-man IT department in a small family business, so I haven't had the need to explore some of these topics, but now will be a good time to learn. I'll start investigating with some new direction now. Thanks again!

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by keirankent74 In reply to Help with Scanning to FTP

if you are scanning to ftp all you do is input the ftp site info into the konica ie url of ftp site ftp://test/testfolder ect
and then a user name and password
another option is smb (server message block)
or shared folder again inputting relevant info directly into konica ip of host machine user name and password and unc file path of folder these are called one touch destinations on the konica the utility from konica is called pagescope box operator it allows you to drag files from the hard drive on the copier it is not an ftp site this can be done without said utility by web browsing to ip address of copier choosing box (hard drive ) then downloading directly to client pc i find ie 6 or 8 and firefox stable but have problems on ie 7 hope this helps regards keiran need any more help e mail me at or ring 07827352726 during office hours mon-fri

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Thanks for the info...

by HAFox In reply to konica

but my issues have become moot since we just purchased a new BizHub C462 to replace the seven-year-old C350. We'll be moving the 350 to another location that will not be updated to Windows 7 for a while longer so the FTP utility method will work fine for them. I'll definitely keep your info handy if the issue arises in the future, so thanks again.

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I got it working

by andycblakely In reply to konica

I had the same problem with a similar Minolta Di470 using the same FTP utility. Your advice helped me realize that I needed to match the login/password in the scan settings on the unit - match them to the username and password on the Win7 PC. Also, if the scan folder is set to "scan" and your folder is C:\scan, the FTP utility should say "C:".

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Remember this

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I got it working

when you have to change your network password, and remind others when you move on to a different company. You might want to set up a separate user account for this purpose (ScanAcct, for example), one with a fixed, non-expiring, 'user cannot change' password, and independent of your own account.

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scan to ftp

by shiraz200 In reply to Help with Scanning to FTP

the ftp utility for win xp and win 7 pls do give me the link for download and how do i configure it to so i can use in bizhub and sharp

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