Help with selecting Peer to Peer Networking system

By mcyman ·
Hello All, I presently have 8 workstaions on WIndow 98SE! I use one of the workstaions as a SERVER.
I would like to upgrade to either XP pro, which I understand can network 10 computers.
I did try XP , but found out that XP Home would only allow 5 computers networked! My questions are:

WIll I be able to use XP Pro on one Computer (Server) and the other 7 on XP Home without any issues?
ALso I am not sure of other Microsoft choices, like windows 2000 or windows Servers?
I am not a Network Guru, but know enough to be dangerous, for sure!
thanks rob

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Windows 98 SE allows 10 Concurrent Connections

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help with selecting Peer ...

With Windows 2000 Pro it also allows 10 concurrent connections as well as XP Pro and XP Home allows 5 concurrent connections.

Now this doesn't mean that you are limited to the 5 or 10 computers just that you can not connect more than the Max number to one computer at a single time. So in theory you could use XP Pro as a server and connect 9 XP Home computers to it concurrently though I've never tried this but it should work. If you can live without all the extras that come with the Pro version that help to make it safer than the Home version.

When it comes to Windows server products they have a 5 license limit which you can then buy additional Licenses for in blocks of 5 minimum but more if necessary. 2 X 5 CAL License are marginally cheaper than 1 X 20 CAL Licence purchase but as a guide if you buy 2 X 5 CAL License you generally pay more for the CAL's than you do for the server product so the actual connections cost more than the server product.

With Windows 2000 Server and the early 2003 SBS Servers you could set them up as Peer to Peer LAN's but with all the current generation of the SBS Server products you have to go with a Domain and no longer have the ability to use a workgroup type install.


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win xp pro and xp home peer to peer

by mcyman In reply to Windows 98 SE allows 10 C ...

Thanks Col Hal 9000, I appreciate the info, strangely , I would have thought more people would have tried xp Pro with xp home computers, I guess not! I will be happy to post my results after I put xp pro on the xp home server!
I am not sure what you ment with the 2x5 cal lic. and the 1 x20 Cal.
I do not know what a Cal Lic. is?
Please explain?
If I buy WIndows 2000 Server All I need for a maximum is 10 users, not any more!
thanks rob

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A CAL is a Client Access License and come in packs of 5

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to win xp pro and xp home pe ...

As the smallest available. A better description may be that here and are used with all Windows Server Products.


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wrong thinking

by CG IT In reply to Help with selecting Peer ...

# of connections shouldn't be your s criteria for what box to use as a server.

What users do and what role the box will have in what the users will do is more important. If you have an application that users access data from a shared folder, and you have 5 or 6 users accessing that shared folder, a desktop system probably won't be able to service those users without delays in providing the data. A desktop may be cheap to implement but having a slow network or even lost data might not be worth the easy and low cost way.

You can use an open source Linux server if MS server offerings are to expensive.

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by mcyman In reply to wrong thinking

Hello CG, First thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts, I appreciate your help!
I am kind of stuck with windows XP , at least I think I am!
I have 3-4 vendors that dictate that I use WIndows programs, and one program is a DOS based shared network program.
I would not mind learning Linux, however I also may be opening a can of worms. I have been using windows 98SE with 7 workstations for the past 5 years or so, with minimal problems!
thanks again for the info!
By the way will Linux work with XP programs , and dos shared networked programs?

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The point was

by CG IT In reply to WRONG THINKING ?????

many small businesses choose peer to peer because is easier and cheaper to setup and maintain. With a server, small businesses think cost of having to hire someone to install it and if there's problems then what? Hiring a consultant is expensive and maybe the tech they hired isn't around anymore....

However, applications that make use of a DB in a shared folder tend to drag network performance down as desktops aren't designed to handle multiple users constantly dipping into its hard drive. [Users sit and wait for information to be displayed]...

most companies that create applications for the Windows Platform usually say 5 concurrent connections to the DB after that put the DB on a server.

If you've run your network with network applications without a hitch in a peer to peer network great!!

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