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Help with Setting up Linux Server

By rkuhn ·

I have a old, spare server that I want to play around with to learn Linux.


Pentium III Duel 450 Mhz
512 MB RAM
5 9GB Hard Drives in RAID 5

I know, pretty old but it currently has MS Server 2003 on it and runs pretty well aside from taking forever to boot up. But once booted up, it actually runs pretty well.

I know nothing about Linux. So, I need something that will run well on old equipment and an easy install, GUI that is user friendly, and plenty of wizards.

I guess what I need is a Linux for Dummies but a server version.

I plan on running it at home next to my other 3 servers...domain controller running MS Server 2003, game server running Win XP (America's Army), and a web server running MS Server 2000.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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What do you want it to do?

by jmgarvin In reply to Help with Setting up Linu ...

Fedora Core 5 -> Desktop with server stuff
SuSe 10 -> Desktop with server stuff

Gentoo -> Server (roll your own)
Debian -> Server (apt-get is your friend)

DSL -> boots off USB drive

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What I Want It to Do

by rkuhn In reply to What do you want it to do ...

Not sure yet since I know very little about Linux.

What would be easiest to learn? Web server? File server (obviously)? I imagine an email server wouldn't be the place to start. FTP server?

You tell me. I'm open to anything, just want to learn.

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Since it is an older machine

by jmgarvin In reply to What I Want It to Do

I suggest using Fedora Core 5 with Fluxbox as the GUI. Or you can pick up Debian and really choose your packages.

If you want to learn about Linux, try installing Gentoo and highly customize your install.

All distros can do what you are asking to do...many come with the packages you need by default.

Ok so:
Web Server - Apache
File Server - Samba/NFS
email - qmail
FTP - vsftp

I'd also grab a package called webmin, it is a web based administrative tool that will help you configure and maintain your server.

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by Jaqui In reply to Since it is an older mach ...

most decent distros actually have that as an optional package.

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My 2 cents

by w2ktechman In reply to What I Want It to Do

I tried Fedora 4 and 5 (on newer systems) and had lots of problems. I moved to SUSE 9.3 and it was easy enough for me to learn how to set it up for much of my job.
I since transferred it to SUSE 10 and have had few issues as well. Although, the install for SUSE 10 did decide that my primary network was the wireless adapter (with no signal), funny, it was corrected easily enough.
My only other issues were installing the DVD player. It kept failing in the install, but everything else that I installed is working fine.

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RE: Help with Setting up Linux Server

by Eric.Talbot In reply to Help with Setting up Linu ...

i did exactly the samething 4 weeks ago, i tried Suse and FC5 with default packages, == DON'T do that it will kill your machine.

Be very selective in the package you are installing. I mean don't try to install every package at once, if you do so, you will notice that the same machine can perform much better under linux than w2k3.

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Running Fedore Core 5 on P3 600 384Mb

by Navy Moose In reply to RE: Help with Setting up ...

I have an old IBM P3 600 with 384Mb of RAM running Fedora Core 5 without a problem. It recognized my NIC, CD player, and video card without a problem.

I picked up "Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide 4th Ed". This book gave me all the info I needed to start out. Told me how to partition the server, edit various conf files, apply a new kernel, and numerous other things. I also picked up a decent book which explains the various shells, editors (VI rules!), and explains the commands in plain English. "A Practical Guide to Linux commands, editors, and shell programming".

I can't speak for SuSE, Mandrake, Debian, or Slackware distributions. I know people who use them, I choose Fedora because my shop runs the various flavors of RH 4.

Good luck and have fun!

Navy Moose

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The Linux Admin book...

by RayJeff In reply to Running Fedore Core 5 on ...

you speak of. Is it the white & burgandy book?

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Linux Admin book....

by Navy Moose In reply to The Linux Admin book...

It is white and dark blue.

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Must be the quick reference book...

by RayJeff In reply to Linux Admin book....

that I saw. When I got to Books-A-Million, I always check out the Linux books. So, it's probably the quick reference book I'm confusing with the Linux Admin book, because they have that book there too. Actually, they have about 4 different Linux Admin books there.

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