Help with shares, remote management, and other.?!?!?!

By corey.bauman ·
Need some help guys, newbie here to the repub.

Scenario is : Get "computer not found"

I have a win2k server running AD and running DNS. Have multiple client PC's running 2k, XP, and at times NT 4.0 I work with another company's network as well in which all of the clients use their DHCP server. I am able to ping all of the client PC's fine by name. In DNS I can see all of my client PC's too. But I cannot svrmgr, remote manage, or see any shares on these client PC's???? Why is this?

I have
-cycled the Computer Browser service on both client and server
-registered DNS on server and client is started as well
-tried static config for the DNS and WINS
-no wierd HOST/LMHOST files (again uses DHCP)
-shares are correct on clients
-cycled Remote Registry

The only thing other thing is that the other company just changed all these clients on to a new VLAN. But like I said I can ping fine by name.

Perhaps something in VLAN config? not allowing these services/ports??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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