help with sound card...not working?

By tardbag135 ·
OK right now i have a toshiba satellite a105-s2051 laptop and theres this problem that every so often when i boot my computer up sometimes the sound driver will load and sometimes it wont. ive updated and reinstalled the driver multiple times, but it never TRULY solves this issue. Its already been reformatted and then upgraded HDD, so its OEM Windows XP MCE 2005 SP2. if anyone can help me in solving this issue, it is much appreciated. thank you.

Oh and the sound card says its Realtek HD Audio...in device manager when the driver successfully loads.

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Do you by any chance have SP3 installed? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to help with sound card...no ...

If so, what was the order in which you reformatted and re-installed your OS?

If you contacted M$ online for ANYTHING, before installing the Realtek Sound Drivers, that will explain part of your problem.

As soon as you make online contact with M$, you are installing Windows Genuine Advantage by default (in order to download all the other updates).

Realtek is not a Microsoft-approved driver, so if WGA gets to your system before the Realtek sound driver, you'll have all kinds of problems.

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by tardbag135 In reply to Do you by any chance have ...

well lets see...

1.) backup data
2.) boot windows from disk
3.) format using windows Setup
4.) install windows
5.) load drivers (from flash drive)
6.) download updates, and bring back my data

ive since gotten a new hard drive and using the same order, still have the problem. anything else that might work? i know my stuff about the tricks and tweaks in windows and most of the software but im lost with this one...

cant use SP3....its AMD processor.

oh and when i go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers the drivers for realtek are still there... just (obviously) not being used.

Yes, an am aware of WGA and all of the stunts it pulls on me...i just patch it and be done with it...i dont have time to waste on Microsoft ********. (MSBS) When i work on other people's systems (and mine) i ALWAYS load system device drivers FIRST before i install any updates. would it matter whether or not i install the drivers thru device manager (using raw INFs) or do i have to use the setup utility? ive tried both, but not sure if it helps one way or another. INF method keeps boot time fast, where the other one doesnt. but maybe the setup utility will do the trick. not sure.

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That's an interesting question. If I took a guess I'd say ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to drivers

That if you don't use the M$ setup route you'll probably not notice any difference UNTIL you attempt to either update or roll-back a particular driver, because you'll be missing any form of system-recognised file path.

Maybe you've already seen part of the problem if you've got a system utility that's trying to find an existing documented file path that doesn't exist.

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by tardbag135 In reply to That's an interesting que ...

well actually what i ended up doing is restarting and then i heard the windows XP boot up sound so i knew it was fixed. but just not to take any chances i downloaded the latest drivers from realtek then just went into device manager, clicked Update driver... then had it update the driver from the new one i downloaded. it prob. wont fix the problem but at least it works for now. Also i have 2 more questions:

do i need to have the Realtek utilities running on startup? i had them disabled. maybe thats the problem.

would it matter that i leave my computer in standby all the time? (except when issues happen, then restart) i do that so i can open my laptop and get right on...no waiting. maybe thats the problem....not sure at this point in time.

and the thing is i never tried to update the driver (until i restarted when the sound came back) so it couldnt be a failed update attempt.

or would windows XP be at fault? my friend has the exact same computer (and model #) but he has vista...and doesnt need to deal with this.

thanks for your help.

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2 or maybe 3 answers ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks

The Realtek utilities are little more than enhancements for the sound produced. However they are enhancements and as such only you can tell if you need them or not. I run with my Realtek utilities on.

Leaving your laptop on standby all the time is, again, a matter of personal choice for the user. However if you never power-down, leaving it turned off until you next need it, it could be inferred that you are using up the lifetime of the power adaptor quicker than normal. You would also be preventing the system from emptying the Cache files that would be deleted at power-down. Neither would you ever be able to perform a boot-time defragmentation run.

Surely you must power-down for installation of Windows Updates? Many of them cannot and will not install properly without a reboot.

As for XP being the culprit, you cannot draw any comparisons between XP and Vista, since all Vista drivers are solely for Vista, none of them are interchangeable with the other system.

To all intents and purposes they are two distinct and separate machines.

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Not sure if this is your case...

by Media-Ted In reply to 2 or maybe 3 answers ...

... or not, but I have an Acer Aspire 3000 laptop and it gave me no end of grief for quite a while a few years ago - before SP-3. Turned out the cause was Yahoo Instant Messenger tweaking things at bootup. I had been talking with a lovely lady in Australia (a friend of David Helfgott) it it was her preferred method of communicating.
I could use YIM on other machines, but the built-in system on the laptop would require uninstalling and reinstalling nearly every time I booted.
I re-OS'ed and never used Yahoo or any other IM again, and no problems. SP-3 has given me absolutely no grief on this or any of my systems, ... so far, and I installed it after the first month it was released.
My system has the Realtek AC'97 Audio, so it may be too old for your problem.

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Another possibility is that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to help with sound card...no ...

The hardware isn't fast enough to load all of the required drivers before Windows Opens.

I have noticed this many times when there is a USB Scanner installed that on some reboots some Drivers or Start Up Applications do not get loaded. Sound is but one of these offending drivers. It also happens on other devices but was more noticeable with the scanners present for some reason.

My solution was to insert a User Password on the system and when you hit the Log In Screen wait a few seconds/minutes till the HDD activity stops then after entering the password press Enter and let the system Boot.

After doing this I have yet to have any Windows System fail to load all of the Drivers and Start Up Applications.


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That solves a bunch...

by Media-Ted In reply to Another possibility is th ...

... of past problems for me as well. I already use a password, but never thought of how long I wait can affect how the boot goes. It makes good sense.


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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to That solves a bunch...
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sound take pick 1,2,3.

by Hotdoge3 In reply to help with sound card...no ...

so you go to new & fit AMD driver sound or try Fist go to System > Driver Signing & Pick from 1,2,or 3, # 1 is Ignore & Install # 2 Block Never install unsigned driver # 3 warn-Prompt me each time to choose an action. Only # 1 & # 3 will work if Pick # 3 may not work may best try # 1 Good luck.

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