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Help with System Preparation Tool 2.0

By paulm ·
just running the sysprep tool and it gives me the menu for the system preparation tool 2.0 and would like some help on the options available please. I have searched the net but too no luck.
Basically I can click either factory or reseal.
What i have done is setup a PC with standard applications and customised. I now what the sysprep tool to reset the SID and once shutdown i will ghost the image onto CD so can deploy on similar PC's.
Cheers for any help

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by barmour In reply to Help with System Preparat ...

What I did was not go through any wizards. I have a c:\sysprep> directory with all of the files needed. I then modify the sysprep.inf file to call a .cmd file. This will run at the end of Sysprep and can basically do whatever you need. I had it modifying Registry entries and deleting files. You should be able to find documentation on MS site. One of the documents I found 'Sysprep Parameters and Components. I think if you search for just Sysprep you should be able to find documentation that you are looking for.
We use PowerQuest Drive Image Center to image our servers. I would do the following, it has worked for me flawlessly:
1. Install NIC drivers from a location on the C: drive. It has to be done from this spot so when Sysprep runs it will use these drivers and not MS.
2. Once you are done with your image remove all NIC's.
3. When you image the new server do NOT resize. There are commands for Sysprep to do this and according to MS and PowerQuest they suggest for you to let Sysprep do this not the imageing software.
4. Blank out the Administrator's Password before running Sysprep, if you do not then Sysprep will fail.

I tried to attach my sysprep.inf and proset.cmd file for you, but I went over the 2000 max length. If you would like to see the files e-mail me and I will send them to you.
Hope this helps,

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by paulm In reply to

okay cheers
i found a web link
that explained it. i was searching for the wrong thing which is why i had trouble locating anything.

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by paulm In reply to Help with System Preparat ...

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