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By winmorgan ·
I've written Tech Repub. twice and have yet to get a satisfactory answer or one that even addresses the question.

Here's the problem, my tech points amount keeps dwindling, based on my asking questions. The Tech Points Guides says that closing a question and rating the answers will yield 100 points. I have closed several questions in recent months and always given the appropriate feedback and rated the answers, etc. BUT...I have NEVER been awarded any points for this (let alone 1000 points).

At the moment, I'm VERY stuck with a tech question and don't have enough points to post it.


Thank you very much for any help,


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by Oz_Media In reply to Help with tech points

Ask your question then. Generally we frown upon peolpe using discussion groups for questions but if you're having problems with TR, just post here.

As for how and why you aren't getting points, I don't know.

I assume you know, if you have 500 points and allocate 500 (don't even think you can do that)tha you will lose the original 500. You are supopsed to get the other 1000, though. I actually pointed to this as a flaw at one time. In order to gain points you don't need to ANSWER questions you need to ask them.

200 point answer will net 800 points, not bad for the one getting help. Perhaps they are revising the points system or something because it doesn't make sense?

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by TheChas In reply to Help with tech points

Such a deal I have for you.

I posted a question in Support Republic Other to give you 1000 points.

Let's see if this works, and you get your points.

If not, let me know, and I'll see if I can contact anyone at TR to get things fixed for you.

I keep getting a page not found error.
I hope this does not get posted several times.


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by winmorgan In reply to Help with tech points

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