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help with usb drive

By acpacpacp ·
hi people,
im a new computer user and i have just gotton a 40gb usb hard drive, when i plug it in it is supposed to be recognised on te computer, my mate said its somthing to do with a jumper and or something about master mode. if anyone could give me advice on how to get it working or any tips it would be appreciated. thanks acp

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by rkuhn In reply to help with usb drive

Visit the manufacturer's website and look up the model. Look for "jumper settings".

There should be something like master, slave, and cable select...depending on the drive.

Cable select is usually best but if it won't work on that, try slave...unless you are booting off of it (unlikely since it's a USB).

Use a pair of tweezers or whatever and configure the pins following the manufacturer's guidelines.

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by beads In reply to

Is this the first time you have used the USB port? Chances are you don't have PnP (Plug and Play) turn on. PnP uses port 1900 (internally and accross networks). It may be possible that your admin has this feature turned off. Rarely are USB ports jumpered.

Other things to check:

- Control Manager, System, Hardware, Device Manager, Universal Serial Bus. Does this show up? It should be twoard the bottom of the Device Manager. If so does it show, when expanded, a list of sub-controllers and devices? If not its not turned on. Go to Add Hardware Wizard and check to see if it is available. Could very well be a driver is missing or needs to be updated.

- Is this a 1.1 or 2.0 USB. Though they are supposed to be backward compatible in rare instances a newer USB 2.0 enabled device will fail to recognize a 1.1 port.

- Try a different USB port or another computer that the USB does work. The drive itself may be faulty so it never hurts to try different hardware.

- Do any other USB devices work with this computer or port? Again, speaks to different hardware failures.

Let us know what you find.

- beads

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usb drive

by omairziaee In reply to help with usb drive

u have not formatted the HDD ,,thts why you are not able to view it in my computer ,, right click my computer go to manage then under storage go to disk management over there you will see your USB HDD then format it after tht you will be able to use it ,, I have 80 gb usb hdd and did the same in the first ,, plz do notify me if this solves your problem ...and by the way there are no jumper settings in usb HDD ,,just put tht in case on use it...

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