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Help with Video problem

By douglast ·
Thanks for reading this... I created a web site that I burned onto CD's and mailed out ot a bunch of people to showcase something. This website was really just a front end to a bunch of documents and videos, giving these people an easy tool to browse around and look at our stuff.

The CD/Web Site worked for most people but I did get some calls where the videos would not play. I used all AVI videos using Intel Indeo 3.2 Codec which is supposed to be very common and delivered with Windows OSsince Windows 95. I tried this CD on a bunch of differentmachines myself without a problem, but did have a problem on a Win 2000 machine running IE 5.5. Basically when you click on a video, instead of a window popping up which plays the video - a blank window pops up with no video (just a blank white page). I don't get an error messgae saying that I need to download a video codec or anything....

Is there something special you need to code for AVI files in your HTML pages to get them to work on all OS's / IE & Netscape versions? I realize this is hard to answer without sitting here and seeing the problem first hand...


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Have the veiwers downlond Windows Media

by gwhiting In reply to Help with Video problem

What you may be facing is that not all your viewers have all the tools to read your video files. Have everyone go to www.windowsmedia.com or you download the programs and place them of your CD.

I hope this helps,

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by jaydouglas In reply to Have the veiwers downlond ...

On this topic, I am a Mac OSX user, and I want to put
video clips on my site in both Quicktime & Windows
Media Format, since it seems most PC's can easily view
".wmv" files. BUT - I can't for the life of me find a simple
encoder for the Macthat I can create .wmv files. Can
anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.


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