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    Help with Virtual PC 6.0 for Mac’s


    by leonie.barden ·

    I am running Virtual PC 6.0 on a PowerMac G4 with OS 10.2. My virtual Windows 2000 pc was working fine until I tried to upgrade Windows Media player from 7 to 9 series. Since the system requires a reboot to complete the upgrade, my virtual pc continually blue screens and reboots. The blue screen does’t stay long enough for me to see the error. I have tried booting from the Windows 2000 cd to run a repair but nothing happens and the system continues to reboot. I am not able to boot using safe mode, last known good configuration, nor booting to command prompt. Help… I need to know if I rebuild the virtual pc, how can I get back what files are on the current virtual pc?

    It is easy enough to reinstall or setup another Virtual PC, but I am not sure how that affects the data files currently on that Windows 2000 system. Does the Mac store it somewhere? After all, it is using the Mac’s hardware right?

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      Safe Mode

      by pgm554 ·

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      Have you thought about booting to safe mode and removing Media player 9 . You didn’t take a snapshot of the Vmware system before you installed WM 9 so you could back rev ,did you?
      You can just reinstall over your old 2000 and that should repair.But you will have to reinstall all Spacks and hotfixes.

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