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Setting up remote access VPN
I am helping a friend set up his home office and he needs access to his business office. He has to buy a system for his business office to work as server. Currently uses "Go to my PC" but he is looking for more of a file sharing than remote desktop (as users will be working on the "server" system and can't have their desktop taken over) Right now has 4 users with various hardware and software configurations) Win XP, Vista. He is willing to buy a small server for the business office, and willing to upgrade the remote users to Win 7 if need be. (I am not that familiar with Win 7)Trying to figure out weather to buy the server w/ raid and Server software 2003 or 2008 or set new system up with XP, or Vista or Win 7, use a VPN or remote access through pptp. All he is looking to do is share a drive for the remote users but it must be encrypted as it is a legal firm. He obviously is trying to do this as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing speed and security. I am talking him into the RAID. Did I mention he is computer illiterate so must be as simple as possible. Any suggestions would be great.


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For security setup your server in a DMZ sugest using ISA 2006 standard as 1st firewall costs just over $1000 and a hardware firewall as 2nd connecting to your ADSL or diginet line.

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Just keep the one thread

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It's easier to keep the one thread going and just reply or ask if any one else has any ideas.;leftCol

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