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Help with Websense

By Cgoeckel ·
Here is the problem we have run into in the last week.

We are trying to stand up a Wireless network for the public to access after fighting with the board of trustees since August about it. They want it filtered after having many debates.

The issue...We have 2 servers running Server 2003 Standard R2 with ISA and Websense as the filter. As soon as we got ISA and Websense loaded they locked everything down. We can't get it to open up any ports to allow the public access. Technically it goes live on Monday but officially not till May 1st.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it open??

And at Websense has not been helpful and the hold time has been outrageous the last 2 days (Up to an hour or more).


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by BFilmFan In reply to Help with Websense

Are you having issues configuring Websense and ISA?

Or do you not have permissions to configure the product?

Which ports are your trying to open?

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by Cgoeckel In reply to Questions

We have permissions to configure it.

We are a public library and finally getting wireless for our patrons so they can access the web without using one of our stations.

We have outbound wide open, Inbound is limited, we have ISA and Websense on the same box. We do have a remote access rule so we can do any updates or configs on the boxes without having to go to them physically.

I wasn't involved in the original setup but I am assuming that we did the 2003 install then ISA 2004 and then websense.

We did all that a while back so its hard to remember.

Any help would be appreciated!

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More info needed...

by mo.meter In reply to Issues


Your eplanations you're giving are not really helping to define the 'why not'. Did you try to do it first w/o WebSense to see if your ISA is working correctly ? You can disable the ISAPI filter that talks to WebSense to disable it temporarely to see if the ISA is indeed doing it's job correctly... Are your clients configured correctly, to proxy-out over port 8080 ? Are you trying to do this transparantly ?

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by studentsoft In reply to Help with Websense

try letting a trojent open it thendeleat a trojent

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Resolved issue

by Cgoeckel In reply to Help with Websense

Thank you for the responses!

This is what we got from Websense on the phone...

They said either we have to ask the users to set proxy or install Websense in Standalone mode, none of which were acceptable.

This is a response that I had emailed to me...

Install ISA 2004, configure it, then install websense 6.1.0 in STANDALONE mode on the same box. We implemented that this morning and it works! So we have one building up and running for the public. The other one will be up by this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

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Hopefully helpful!!!!

by nm_doh In reply to Help with Websense

Have you used ISA before? How many rules have been placed in ISA and in what order?

Have you created your own protocol set and policy in Websense or gone with the default?

on installation of Websense did you choose to filter instantly or set to monitor only?

Is the Websense DC agent running correctly with the correct permissions?

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