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Help with WIN 2003 server move to new server

By breesmom1 ·
Hi all,
I hope you can help me out. I mainly do PC's not servers.
My main server WIN 2003 std. has bad ports for the mouse/keyboard. Set up with: AD, DNS, DHCP, File, Application, Terminal Server.
So I purchased a new server - same hardware(needed anyway) to replace it. I have set it up as a domain controller, moved the files, DHCP and DNS. I haven't activated services on the new server for the DHCP and DNS because I'm not sure what else I have to do before I do this. I have a Sonicwall set up with the old server as primary.
Would it be better to switch the IP addresses of the servers? Then activate services?
Is there anything else I need to do??
When the new motherboard is installed on the old server it will be used for Exchange.

Thanks in advance!!!

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win2003 server move

by Ali Daher In reply to Help with WIN 2003 server ...

I am not sure if i get you right.. but you have purchased a new server with exactly the same hardware ?? in that case a hard drive swap may be the easiest and best solution.
Migrating data and roles to a new server is a lot more involved and you can be thankful that you have not already installed exchange as this could have caused all sort of issues if you did not do the migration successfully.
A question though? how have you setup the hard drives on the new box ? it may be wise to **** away the config and re-evaluate the best config for the new system prior to installing exchange as running exchange and AD on the same box will be quite resource intensive depending on the number of users on the network and what they will be doing ?? i assume the box is also used a File/Print Server. My suggestion first would be to leave the roles of DHCP and DNS at the least if not File/Print on the old server and look at migrating the roles of AD on to the new box with exchange on the new box. You could always log onto the box via remote console or get yourself USB keyboards/mouse to resolve your issues.
Either way you have a new box now so put it to good use and improve your network performance while maintaining some kind of redundancy on your network .
You will need to follow the following steps.
1. Setup AD on the new box and ensure replication.
2. Move the fsmo roles from the old active directory server to the new server ( this can be done via ntdsutils or via the active directory snapins) there are 5 roles you would need to move to make the new server the PDC , infrastructure master, schema master ..etc.. but you can always share the roles if you wish .
3. Do not shut down the old box but ensure it is running and check for replication .. use repadmin here.
check the active directory sites and services snapins and you should have both servers setup with replications policies between both boxes.
Keep this running for atleast 24 hours and if you do not wish to utilise the old server then once you ensure everything is ok .. checking the logs .. you can turn it off and check again .. if all ok .. remove it from the AD site .

I still would recommend using the old server since you have many uses of the box..
I hope this answers your question ..briefly
Ali Daher

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