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    help with windows 2000 advanced server


    by pegnmoon69 ·

    help new to this software, not sure how to set up the active directory or anything for that matter to build a dns/ftp/webpage server nothing works right not sure what im doing wrong help im so lost

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      Try posting in Tech Q&A

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to help with windows 2000 advanced server

      You will get a tonne of help by posting there, this is a discussion forum and not the best place to get such help.

      Use this link to get to Tech Q&A:

      Good luck!

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      Be more specific

      by tbragsda ·

      In reply to help with windows 2000 advanced server

      Start with what you have done, what sort of errors etc. Ask what best practices people employee, otherwise, what your asking for can fill volumes.

      If you really are that lost, you need help. If this is a production server, or basis of someones (your own) network, please please get some real help. I don’t want to offend, but I just see too many poorley configured servers kicking around just because someone thought it would easy enough. If you have experence, and just need help learning 2000, then getting down to whats really wrong, or causing you troubles should not be too hard.

      Last bit of my lecture… If you are unsure of how this stuff works, DONT PUT A WINDOWS server out on the net with FTP and WEB services without knowing what that really means. You WILL be compromised within minuets.


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        Well Met Sir!

        by bfilmfan ·

        In reply to Be more specific

        I would amend your statement to include, “Do not put any technology you do not understand on a production network.”

        I have lost track of how many clients I have seen run insecure wireless access points in the last few years.

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          Ditto Xcept ….and BTW

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Well Met Sir!


          I like reading your stuff and was kind of disapointed when you didn’t throw out some kind of hitchcock type movie thing for this…LOL

          “help im so lost”

          It is not he who is lost but the business that has chosen to depend upon him.

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          Sorry About That

          by bfilmfan ·

          In reply to Ditto Xcept ….and BTW

          It was a hectic day at the client site when someone decided it would be just fine to re-ACL 1000 nested security group permissions on DFS shares.

          I got called in when the GC’s started locking up with LSASS consuming 36 gigabytes of memory.

          I wonder sometimes just where they find some of these people making whacked decisions like that…

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          Sound like a

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to Sorry About That

          Sound like an early friend of Linda Blair from the 70’s took over that decision maker.

          Hope your not eating pea soup tonight.

          Not as good as one of your’s but hey 🙂

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