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By crazydakko ·
Hello all. I am trying to fix an old computer of mine for my son to use. It is an old Compaq with Windows ME. Problem is I can't install any downloads of any kind. Can't open any file on my pc. Everytime I try to open a file, I get the open with dialog box. I click on say Internet Explorer and ok and nothing happens. No new window, no bars, no box, no nothing.I tried to do a system restore, but I cant do that either. It keeps asking me what I want to open this with. I can get on the internet and download and surf, but I cant install any downloads after downloading. Don't have a disk for this cuz its old. What do I do. Im really stumped. Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

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can try a command line system restore

by CG IT In reply to Help with Windows ME

you can try and get a CD and do a repair ...

Compaq might still provide restore CDs for it..

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Now might be a good time

by Michael Jay In reply to Help with Windows ME

to get your feet wet with Linux.

Just saying, because Win ME support will be hard to come by.

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Reponse To Answer

by JohnTVian In reply to Now might be a good time

Windows Millennium was never stable. Get Linux, any flavor will do, and I can guarantee you, you will want the computer for yourself. There is plenty of support for the steep climb ahead of you. But I can assure you, for every question you will encounter, there will always be an answer.

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What kind of files are you trying to open?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Help with Windows ME

Without insulting your intelligence, do you have the appropriate applications installed for the files you want to open?

I'm not surprised you can't install anything you download; what you're downloading probably isn't compatible with an operating system as old as ME.

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Sounds like your EXE File Association is dead

by Slayer_ In reply to Help with Windows ME
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Can You Say Infected

by TheChas In reply to Help with Windows ME

As you have been online with a Windows Me system that has known security holes and at best an anti-virus program that is out of date, My first thought is a virus infection.

The first thing I would do is download the AVG rescue disk file from another computer and burn the rescue disk.

You need to use the option burn disk from image if you download the ISO version.

Place the disk in the CD drive of the Me system and boot from CD. You might get a minute or 2 of blank screen while the Linux environment loads.

Run a full scan and then choose carefully when you delete infected files. You want to at least write down the names of any system files as you will need to restore them.

Once the drive is reasonably clean, I would use a USB adapter and scan the drive from a working computer with a fully up to date anti-virus program.

Now, your big problem is that you do not have the Me or restore CD to recover files with.

If you do have infected system files, it might be time to install the maximum amount of RAM and do an XP upgrade. Most Me systems will run XP Home with no issues.


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Malware? Probably...

by bdoors In reply to Help with Windows ME

My experience in computer refurbishing is that one can no longer adequately secure ME/98/95 for internet activity. The major anti-malware products no longer support the platform, (nor does Microsoft), and most machines from that era can not sustain the overhead of anti-malware processing.

For this reason I'd recommend going to a lightweight Linux distro. I've found Puppy excellent on machines with 128 M or more. It's stable, secure, and malware free. After you install the product, most users find Puppy friendly enough that no training is necessary.

Other products that might work well for you include Zenwalk, Vector, and Lubuntu. Best of luck!

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