Help with Windows Remote Desktop

By dean.hepworth ·
I would like to control my home computer from work using Windows Remote Desktop, I don't know that much about computers so if anyone could help me in easy steps. I'm running Windows XP Pro on my home computer with a Netgear 834GT modem & router.

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Static IP?

by Churdoo In reply to Help with Windows Remote ...

Does your home internet connection have a static IP? In other words, at home, browse to and note your IP address. Do this again in a few hours, and continue to do it over the course of a couple days. If your external IP DOES change, then you'll have to either convert your home internet account to a static IP account (typically a modest fee increase), or sign up for a Dynamic DNS Service like

Next, enable a FORWARD in your Netgear router to forward port 3389 (the RDP port) to the INTERNAL IP of your home PC (from a command prompt, enter IPCONFIG to obtain your internal IP).

Make sure RDP is enabled on your home PC, and if you have another PC in the house, test by trying to RDP to your PC's internal IP address.

Once the above is set, and tested from within your house, it's time to test from outside. Go to an external site and attempt to establish an RDP session to your STATIC EXTERNAL IP, or your DYNAMIC DNS NAME. See if she works.

Possible points of failure: if your office firewall blocks outbound port 3389 traffic, then you're hosed. If your PC at home gains different INTERNAL IP's, then you'll want to make your PC's internal IP static as well, or the port forward on your router won't work.

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