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help with \windows\system 32

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hello, as this is my first question on the site,let me say sorry if I do anything wrong.
My problem is when I log on to xp home addition I get dos box with C:\windows\system 32\HDASShCut.exe also a box with 16 bit ms-dos subsystem, The NTVDM CPU has encoutered an illegal instruction, Cs:0f4aa IP:0189 OP:63616c653d.
I reloaded windows xp and the problem still remains.
Thanks in advance

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by HeavenAmbassador In reply to help with \windows\system ...

From the research I've done on this problem, most people seem to think it is spyware related. Make sure you have a good spyware removal program, such as from pctools. As a last resuly, you can always **** out the partition and do a clean install of xp. The NTVDM is a win32 process that allows 16bit apps to run. However, the hdasshcut.exe sounds like a goofy program name to me. The key is to become familiar with what are legitimate process names in task manager, then you can spot the impostors.

Let me know how it turns out.

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by In reply to

thank you for your time to help, I think my best course of action would be to purchase a spyware removal tool and see if this can fix the problem,and then see how it goes from there Poster rated this answer.

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by Dumphrey In reply to help with \windows\system ...

Try reloading windows again, but do this: download killdisk. Write zeros to drive, or any pattern really, to destroy any possisble resident virus on disk, and find bad sectors of disk. Remove any add in cards except vid card if needed to boot (no onboard video). Boot from windows cd. DELETE existing partition, make new partition, and format NTFS full, not quick. Install WINDOWS. Update all drivers for your motherboard (comp manf.'s web site).
Check for error. If its still there, then you probably have a hardware error. We can work form there. Let me know how it goes.

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thank you for your help, I have decided to puchace a spyware removal tool and see if I can clear the problem this way first,if this does not help i willl attempt to fix the problem with your advise .

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by In reply to help with \windows\system ...

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