Help with wireless LAN dropping local computers

By ajc1502 ·
Hello I have a small office with 2 desktop pcs running windows 7 and a couple of printers etc. They are connected through a Thompson wireless router. (connection wireless)
I was setting up a Windows 7 Homegroup which went fine and worked ok, however have now noticed that when I go to either pc within the home group it says "no other members of the homegroup are available"?
The other pc is also not visible below the network icon either. Have tried machine self diagnostics without success. Where should i start.
PS.. Internet works fine on both machines.

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Start at the beginning...

by oldbaritone In reply to Help with wireless LAN dr ...

Reboot everything, including the router.

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by ajc1502 In reply to Start at the beginning...

Hi and thank you for your reply, I had been going round in circles rebooting, resetting and starting from scratch. After reading lots of info as you do decided to change the channel on the router as there is numerous wireless networks in close proximity and everything came up working for about 2 hours, then dropped a computer off the network
I ended up swapping the router and have left it working (but it is early days) So fingers crossed.

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net stumber

by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Rebooted

seeing the previous message, the other router might be simply operating on another channel.
with this you should be able to see what channel is free for you to use, if there are so many around you, and everyone left it on it's default channel this can be indeed a cause.
sometimes the software that comes with the wireless nic can scan for free channels as well.
Is there a way that you can use wired cables instead ?

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by ajc1502 In reply to HomeGroup from start to f ...

Hi and thank you for your reply.
This is turning out to be a network rather than a Homegroup issue. At present it is all working on a replacement router, but is early days.
Again thanks, the link is a useful resource.


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