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I have a building wirelessly connected to another building. Routing of vlan's and dhcp are done on a cisco router in the first location. I have since set up wireless access points in both locations and cisco wireless controllers in both locations. I am running out of IP addresses at both buildings. My wireless technician says that I can only pull IP addresses from the wireless controller on the same subnet. I need a resolution to this as I am running out of IP addresses when a wireless device attaches to the network. Any ideas appreciated.

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Rework your subnet mask

by tomnegele In reply to help with wireless, vlan, ...

Depending on your class of addressing, and what your mask structure is, you can redo your wireless network, to have more hosts, for your subnet. For example, if you had a class c, with a default mask, you would have 254 usable hosts.

However, if to used a class a, network, using a 16 bit mask, you would have over 32000 hosts available. The network would have to be nat -network address translated- to that which you have registered for routing to the internet.

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