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    Help with wireless…


    by dossr ·

    My boss recently asked me to find some info on setting up and implementing a Wireless network overlaying our existing network. We are moving to a new office soon and the company would wireless as an option.
    I’m really not sure on where to start, I’ve done some research on different wireless protocols(802.11 A,B,G) and have found some good sites about security. But still I’m looking for either some info on the process or what is involved and what to look out for(longterm).

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      by brv_gupta ·

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      You can go ahead with Cisco wireless connectivity solution. The products are Cisco Aironet 1100 or Cisco Aironet 1200 series access points.

      They would very well fit into your requirement as they can even work when there is some small hurdle in the line of sight.

      These Cisco products also give you a very high level of security.

      You can browse the link lan.shtml
      for more information on Cisco wireless products.

      If you need more help mail me back.

      All the best.

      Raghavendra Gupta
      Solution Engineer

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      by plexer ·

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      Most of the latest crop of wireless access points available support all manner of security features. Not just Cisco ones. To be ultra secure you should be looking at using 802.1X authentication with a radius server.

      If you don’t want to go as far as this you need to be using WPA with a very complicated passphrase otherwise the security is no better then WEP.

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      by mart h ·

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      WiFi is a fantastic oppurtunity for business as it allows users to roam free without the constraints of traditional hardwired systems – but this comes at a price of speed and most importantly security! For the first time hackers do not need to breach complex firewalls and/or do not need physical access to your network.. just who is that person sitting in the car across the road?

      As plexar has already said utilisation of 802.1x is a highly secure solution. You should be looking for EAP-TLS compatable access points to un with this system – these have the benifit when combined with 802.1x of providing a ring fence around the perimeter of your wifi network – without the right credentials a computer cetificate and user certificate you cannot get 1byte to travers the internal network! This does come at a cost of implementing radius and PKI.

      Microsoft provide some excellent white papers check out the followingfor more info:

      HOW TO: Support Wireless Connections in Windows 2000 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 318710

      Using 802.1x Authentication on Computers Running Windows 2000 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 313664

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      by dplewis ·

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      The most important thing, whichever vendor or technology you choose, is to arrange for a proper site survey; don’t just go with whoever offers you the lowest quote and says “It should be okay!” All wireless environments differ wildly. Also make sure that, when wireless surveys take place, the environment is being used as closely as possible in the state it will be used ‘in anger’ e.g. if it’s a warehouse – make sure all the racks, fork-lifts etc. are installed and there’s stock on them!!!)

      If you choose Cisco, make sure you go for a Cisco-accredited WLAN partner.

      Paul (CCDA, WLAN Design Specialist)

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