HELP!!!Accidentally erased Cisco IOS, Cannot load from TFTP

By sailor2uall ·
I am a CCNA student and I have a 2610 router that I erased the flash before backing it up. However I have the IOS on a CD. I am using Solar Winds TFTP server and have it configured correctly. I was able to get the IOS off of the 2611 router and put it into the TFTP root.
However this box was the only one I was able to get the LAN port of my Vista PC to communicate with. None of my other switches or routers will see the LAN port of my laptop.
I have disabled all other forms of WLAN and LAN and only have the LAN enabled. I have selected the ip addy of and a typical class C subnet
the routers and switches are all in the same subnet and all the address are range. None of them will connect and of course when I try to copy flash to tftp or tftp to flash i get a file not found error.
I use my laptop for other purposes and try to communicate with other devices and have Lan issues with that equipment also.
Is this another Microsoft incompatibility issue? I didn't have any issues with connectivity when it came to XP.
Anyway the router that lost the IOS image now boots into rommon and i need to get it to take the load from tftp and need help with that.
Any takers on that? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Are any of you having Vista issues also?

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well for TFTP to work

by CG IT In reply to HELP!!!Accidentally erase ...

you have to be able to ping the router. To ping the router, it has to have an address.

the best way to get in is the console port using a console cable and hyperterminal.

At the least you'll be able to use the mini-IOS configure an interface and then load IOS from the TFTP server. Change the register setting to 0x2101

Refer to your CCNA text books for router boot sequence, saving, erasing and loading IOS into Flash.

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upload ios with xmodem

by timothydoolittle In reply to HELP!!!Accidentally erase ...

I corrupted my ios during a routine upgrade that had the same outcome as yours. I found this link to help load it to a switch via xmodem from hyperterm**7&tag=content;leftCol

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