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Helpdesk/Admin Staff Justification

By billmannion ·
While developing our organization technology plan we are discovering that we do not have enough staff to accomplish the plan. So we added a project to create the justification for the staff. The team has the commitment from the CEO to get the position, we just need to write down what we need and the numbers to back it up.

Personally I have not had to write this kind of document before, I?ve been able to verbally justify the need and have gotten the position. As before I have managed to verbally get the approval, however this organization loves it?s bureaucracy.

I am look for a template, sample or format that will allow me to push this position through with no questions asked. I have the usual formulas like, Number of Staff Members = (Incidents * Average Time)/(Available Time * Utilization Rate * (1-SVT%)), which has allowed me to convince them so far. But they want more and in writing.

Anyone else that has done this before be willing to share their ?winning? business cases.

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Staff Levels

by BFilmFan In reply to Helpdesk/Admin Staff Just ...

Go and search Garner for reports on staffing levels.

Ask the CEO for $1000 per report for his justification.

If he balks, outsource his job to India. Even better, replace him with an animated figure.

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give it up, friend

by vaspersthegrate In reply to Helpdesk/Admin Staff Just ...

I predict, sadly, you won't get the extra staff for a Help Desk, if I read your dilemma right. I"m listening to Pavement loud, and it's a Friday night, my friend.

You won't get it, because I am an expert in corporate culture, and I tell you: they are not committed as an organization to prioritizing customer relations and are not enlightened on the cost of retaining current, repeat buying customers vs. acquisition of new customers (x3 to x100 more expensive to acquire new).

They balk not at facts that Tom Peters, Drucker, Deming, Seth Godin, Jakob Nielsen, Peter Merholz, Christopher Locke, Jack Welch, Harvey MacKay, etc, ad nauseum, have proven by experiment, anecdotal evidence, and IT audit/control metrics.

What fact? That HelpDesk, Help Screens, Help Pages, Live Human Customer Service Reps, Glossaries, Tutorials, Contact/About, etc.

ie = Humanizing/Compassion/Positive/Differentiating Forces and Factors

are *mandatory* for web sites, software products, wi-fi networks, VPNs, blogs, and other services and objects that are not 100% intuitive and bugfree, perfect, and eternal.

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