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    Helpdesk applications


    by derek schauland ·

    I am looking for a helpdesk application to assist in the tracking of support calls. I have used Track-It 6.5 and 7.0 and they are fairly good applications.

    Not sure if I want to push for an upgrade to 8 or not. What are some others using to meet this need?

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      What do you need to track?

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Helpdesk applications

      Tracking support calls can mean many things.

      Are you looking for a CRM style tracker? A dialler with agent access note update screens? Audio ?

      What needs to be tracked, most likely it is best added as a module on yur phone system, if you phone system has the capacity for such.

      It’s kinda like asking what database to use for your company’s network, which is completely dependant on what you need to retain of course.

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        by derek schauland ·

        In reply to What do you need to track?

        I want to track support cases, and troubleshooting, both problems and solutions. Or phone system was built in bedrock and is far too old to support any such tracking software…

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          Service and support tracking

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Tracking

          Having designed call centers (in the mid 90’s, nothing too recent) I have faced similar requests from servide oriented companies. Tracking service calls, follow up s and even accounting, quoting and sales calls in CRM fashion.

          One product I would recommend looking at is TigerPaw software. The team at TP are very good, they custom program at low costs and will fudge and fiddle to get things to work just the way you want them.

          TP is not freeware or open source, but i isn’t really expensive for what you get and the profitability it gives your office.

          Outside of that, a simple CRM solution such as ACT! is always good, but ACT has been having a lot of install and compaibility issues since Sage took over.

          Maximizer, run screaming, it’s simply not designed for that.

          GOldmine, again it is a sales tool.

          YOU can always custom code, Access, but then you are stuck with MS’s wannabe CRM/database solution, not a working product that saves time and money.

          So to conclude, if your company can’t reinvest in a PBX based phone system, NEC’s NEAX or even an NEC Elite with screen popos ([u]very nice[/u] in a call center), then perhaps you should evaluate TigerPaw, their staff and suport team are great, as is the robust product they offer.

          [i](Those guys should pay me!)[/i] 🙂

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