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Helpdesk call logging - Missed Calls

By martinaglia ·
I work on a trading floor. All the desktop analysts wear yellow shirts. This provides very effective line of site support. The down side is that users approach us during calls, between calls, on your way back to your desk and even in the toilet!
My question is: Does anyone have an effective solution as to how we can log all these line of site calls. At the moment many calls are missed as you don't remember that you fixed 2 Outlook issues whilst walking back to your desk.
Looking for examples like wireless and PDA's , headsets and calling a central helpdesk etc.
Please help.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Helpdesk call logging - M ...

If it is company policy that you help these people out of queue, then by all means, record the incidents.

If your only means of tracking is by the CDAR or ACD components of your phone system, then you will HAVE to tell people that they MUST call in for you to be able to help, otherwise calls are not logged and reoccurring problems will not be recognized or resolved properly.

If you find that the existing system works and you just end up helping them, out of kindness of course, I see two solutions;

1) Tell them that it's unfair for them to jump the queue that others are waiting for ??? long so you really can't justify helping them.

2) Help them out quickly get back to your workstation and feel good about going above and beyond your job description.

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Tracking Troubles

by Oldefar In reply to Helpdesk call logging - M ...

Sounds like the issue is less "missed calls" and more unrecorded troubles.

If it is unrecorded troubles, this would indicate that there is a trouble tracking system in place. What is needed is a memory device to hold the information until it can be entered into the system.

We had the same issue in the 70's and 80's, when the trouble recording system was on mainframe and entry was via punch cards or by terminals only available to the dispatch center. We also had a solution - a paper trouble ticket to enter the data onto. We also had a code book to keep the data both simple and consistent.

Now I am all for using a PDA with an entry form and an upload port - why enter data twice and add both work and possibilities of error? However, the simple solution is a pocket trouble pad and pencil.

As for getting troubles while in the toilet - the main office for Olde & Co. was in Detroit back in the 80's. The controller was located in the common toilet - they removed a stall and capped the plumbing to make room. The sign could be moved from Men to Women to Tech, but by the second week no one paid any attention to the sign. Not all the troubles I heard could be logged. :)

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What is needed

by Oz_Media In reply to Tracking Troubles

"What is needed is a memory device to hold the information until it can be entered into the system."

This can all be handled by a well designed and implemented telephone system. I don't know how many times I've seen companies with an easily expandable PBX, invest thousands in computer upgrading instead of simply unleshing the power of their installed system. Now with DECENY unified messaging and IP Telephiny equipment, these telephone vendors offer integrated solutions that don't require additional hardware investments and that outperform MOST computer assisted systems. I've saw this in '93, it's only become easier and more cost effective now.

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