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    Helpdesk/Desktop – Asking Questions


    by menace65 ·

    As someone who is the first to answer the phone when a person has a problem with their computer, I want to make certain I’m asking the right questions. Does anyone know of a written script that one might follow to make certain all the pertinent questions are asked with regard to troubleshooting the problem? It would help if there was a certain order to ask them in as well, so that I am more efficient and spend less time on the phone, and more time solving the problem. I haven’t found much onthe web with regard to this exact issue but I’m certain those here will understand what I’m asking, and hopefully have a solution for me. Thank you!

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      Here are the steps you need…

      by rocko da pimp ·

      In reply to Helpdesk/Desktop – Asking Questions

      1) Give salutations of the day and ask them there name at the same time give them your name.
      2) Type of system they are using, I.e. IBM/MAC.
      3) Type of Operating System: Win95,98,98SE,ME,2000,NT and which service pack.
      4) System processor Speed: 200mhz AMD or Intel 333 etc.
      5) How much RAM, and size of Hard Drive
      6) Name Brand of PC: I.e. Packard Bell, Dell, HP, Compaq.
      7)Your starting point should always be at the Desktop.
      8) Depending on what browser you use, You should have these sites Bookmarked for Referance: Microsoft,Hewlett Packard,Dell, Packard Bell,Compaq.
      The bookmarked areas should be the download areas of those specific companies. It will also help to get the model number of the PC you are dealing with. Certain sites like Dell, need the Asset tag number for quick referance to that specific system.
      Overall, the more you know about that system you are helping the individual with, the better you are in helping him. And no question is a stupid one.
      9) Offer Options and Solutions. Not “Either or”.
      (Here is an important one)
      10)Always assume the individual is NOT PC savvy. Go slow and step by step. Explain to the individual why you are doing what you want them to do. But do not speak in a condensending way.
      Does any of this help?

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