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By Exp ·

I recently started a new job and one of my task is to evaluate helpdesk management software. I am trying one called Ambercat which is not too bad but it lacks couple of functions that we want eg user tracking no etc.

Just want to know if anyone has experience with this particular software or if anyone have any suggestion a "better" one?



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How big a Help Desk, How many end users?

by Tig2 In reply to Helpdesk management softw ...

Small Help Desk with around 100 end users? You would look at different products based on the requirements of your environment, anticipated growth, and required features.

Rather than ask you to chase through a bunch of products that are inappropriate for your needs, please give us an understanding of the size of your desk and desired features at a minimum. I have worked with a number of products through the years at varying sizes and could give you some suggestions once receiving additional information.

Make certain to consider growth as a part of the equation. You don't want to have to do this again in five years.


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300 users nationwide

by Exp In reply to How big a Help Desk, How ...

we got about 300 users nationwide. About 4 large brach offices and 5 small brach offices. All of them have VPN and VOIP links back to HO.

We do not anticipate a lot of growth in the coming years in terms of users but we are in the process upgrading our servers and rolling out some new hardware and software.

At the moment we have 3 people working in the helpdesk area providing support in software and hardware. We didn't have and tracking in support calls and request for works etc.

What we would like is a software that will provide hardware and software audit and tracking. As well as user support logging by email, web and phone. This software should able to provide report and alerts when a call is over a pre-determined period.
User tracking is a must so the person who logged the call or request would able to find out what has been done so far.

Remote access, KB, SLA is not very inportant at this stage.


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Have to agree with another poster

by Tig2 In reply to 300 users nationwide

Spiceworks should fit the bill nicely and provide the functionality you are looking for. Over 500 end users I would have started looking at one of the "top guns" (Remedy, Peregrine, Tivoli) but your environment doesn't have that level of need.

I apologise that I did not see your response earlier. I have been losing threads lately.

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I like Alloy-Software

by Call In reply to Helpdesk management softw ...

I once used Alloy-Software's Asset Navigator Professional and it worked very well for what the company needed. The only complaint is that it did not integrate with QuickBooks. The company I am with now uses Oasis CRM and it is decent, to complex if you ask me but, it does integrate with QuickBooks.

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don't need quickbook

by Exp In reply to I like Alloy-Software

it is for internal use so charging/ billing is not important

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Not advertising or affiliated with them

by breadtrk In reply to don't need quickbook

But I really like Spiceworks. The price is right and does everything you have mentioned so far.

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by sraveendran In reply to Helpdesk management softw ...

We have nearly 3000 computers and use LANdesk and seems to do everything we want since upgrading from VNC remote Management tool. Highly Recommended.

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i-Sight Help Desk Software

by josephgerard In reply to Helpdesk management softw ...

Hey - you might want to check out the help desk software by Customer Expressions at

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Avensoft - nService software

by Murpmic In reply to Helpdesk management softw ...

$200 / tech

MS SQL, AD Integration and others, fast pages, assets, integrates with email for tickets.

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