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Helpdesk order tracking ideas

By H-tech ·

I'm getting started in a help desk position at a small office (under 500 users) that needs a centralized workorder database solution. I have two questions:

1. Has anyone attempted to temporarily centralize the incomming orders, among eight to ten workers, without a tracking software solution? If so, how? (excel? email? IM?)

2. Does anyone know of an economical software solution in keeping these workorders in one centralized location? I have heard of heat, but I believe that is for a larger enviroment.

Any ideas for the two would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Try Remedy

by dafe2 In reply to Helpdesk order tracking i ...

We currently use Remedy (Enterprise Ed) but they offer it for SMB's as well.

We had evaluated Heat as well but found Remedy to be a better fit for service management.

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by house In reply to Try Remedy

Although I was never responsible for the implimentation of Remedy, from the helpdesk end of the spectrum, it works very well. I'm not totally sure as to what options are available when putting it into place, but it is one of the most widely used programs on the market, and was probably the most vital tool within the department.

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we use remedy...

by secure_lockdown In reply to Agreed

i don't like it that much - but we do use it.

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Don't like it?

by house In reply to we use remedy...

Is there something else that you would recommend? I have only had limited experience with Remedy, but I hear that it is the lesser of the evils, unless you are interested in some internal appz.

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my beef

by secure_lockdown In reply to Don't like it?

i find you need to perform PhD thesis paper in order to try to create a meaningful report out of remedy. but perhaps it's just the way its deployed in our shop.

either way, i gave up trying to get reports out of it. i keep my logs as notes in a palm v and dump the entire support log into remedy.


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hehe It's a bear

by dafe2 In reply to my beef

Reporting is like wrestling a grizzly with remedy. A thesis would be easier.

I only have 2 issues with Remedy

1- Out of the box it is in fact very usefull & user friendly, however, as you say the reports require a concerted effort. The Remedy macros are very powerful & could require trainning to use effectively

2- Asset management functions are very nice but burried too deep (IMO)

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by awfernald In reply to Helpdesk order tracking i ...

I used Track-It! several years ago and found it to be reasonably priced for the power it gave. It wasn't really as "flexible" as some of the higher priced solutions went, however, it was rather simple to set up and get running.

They were obviously bought out by Intuit, so here's their link, where you can also get a downloadable trial version:

Whatever software you eventually end up with, be prepared to take one or two days simply figuring out the software and getting it set up. Most of that time will actually be spent trying to actually analyze what you really want to do with the product, and organizing the way you want to actually track/present the information.

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by H-tech In reply to Track-It!

Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, this is going to be a rather simplistic set up

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by H-tech In reply to Track-It!

Thanks for the suggestions. For a small University department, I assume a lot of questions will be about Email, network connectivity, document recovery, MS Office, and updates. So in a software solution for centralizing orders, I am looking for something simple.

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Itemize and prioritize your requirements -- then shop

by A_dangerous_mind In reply to Helpdesk order tracking i ...

Consider what you really need the software to do first, make a list of requirements, and then see what's off the shelf that can fill the bill. Evaluate any candidate applications primarily from the point of view of the support people who will have to enter, update and use the information. User friendliness can be quite a help for them for productivity. If you can't find what you want, you might find a local development shop to provide a workable solution (shop around for a quality development shop of course).

Horror story: years ago, I was on a help desk where an off the shelf PC based GUI product was rammed into the department by upper management based on brand name and the canned reports it generated. The product was slower, much less reliable and less user friendly than the venerable mainframe application it was supposed to replace, if you can believe that. That product was removed after a little over a year, to no one's regret.

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