Helpdesk Software for the Mid-Size Company?

By Menace65 ·
Hi! I am currently doing research on the various Helpdesk software available for the mid-size company. My company currently has about 300 users, but has a complex infrastructure, which includes not only internal support, but also outsourced support for our ERP solution. We would like to be able to manage everything centrally, which would include AD integration, links to our network management tools, ability to email requests to our external support, templates for different ticket types, change management, asset management, etc., to name a few.

I like the idea of a holistic Service Desk approach, but need to weed out the software which would be overkill for us. We do not want to have to do a lot of configuration (don't have the time or in-house expertise), so something that is useful right out of the box is key. The products we are currently researching are:

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

BMC's IT Service Support for the Midsized Business (formerly Magic)

TechExcel ServiceWise

Trackit by Numara

Our other concerns have to do with support after the installation, what companies have been the most responsive, and which ones wash their hands of you once they have your money in their pocket?


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We use BMC(Magic)

by LarryD4 In reply to Helpdesk Software for the ...

We use Magic and to be honest I am less then thrilled.

This may be due to the fact that we have support analysts in our central office that manage and maintain the server less then adequately.

My Issues

It?s slow
it?s a bit tough to find tickets
it?s report system is basic and you will need to create reports tailored for your needs

The web based interface is slow and cumbersome. Everything is done in a webpage and tends to be tedious. Most of your lists are popup pages where they should be dropdown boxes.

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Service desk solution

by laurynas_urniezius In reply to Helpdesk Software for the ...

Hello Menace65,

It seams that you are in same situation as i :). I am also looking for service desk solution. My company also do outsource (and outtask) and in same time are service centre main brand companys (IBM, HP).

I made analysis of service desks solutions and have own list of best solutions:

1-2. HP (manager) - Big, complicated, but enough good.
1-2. CA (really good solution). Some big customers are not happy, but nobody knows why .
3. BMC remedy - to big, too complicated.

All others are niche players, but enough good:
1. Unipress (Numara) ? Thera are 2 products: track-it and FootPrints. I think you must look to Footprints. Very easy implementation (compare to other products). ~ weak ago was realised new version. I will try to implement test version (i can give response after i will try).
2.Landesk Touchpaper.
3.FrontRange (ITSM) ?
7.Axios Systems ?
8.EMC ?
9.IBM (maximo) ? i have tried this product. Very good product, but nobody have experiance (i did not found). Too expensive.

Usually i trust Gartner, so i recomend you look to Gartner publications.

We can discus more about SD solutions.
P.S. Be aware that is my personal opinion!

Best regards,

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FocalScope integrates with CRM and ERP systems

by Jake Bigley In reply to Helpdesk Software for the ...

What you are looking at is homogenization of your business ecosystem; you need something that is highly integratable and a service/help desk vendor that has the expertise to help you with the integration process. Considering you want to make things simpler, and improve your support communications, I can only recommend the solution we use at work: . The vendor helped us integrate it with our CRM and ERP systems, and since then we???ve improved our workflows tremendously and simplified our internal processes. Definitely have a look at their system and talk to their friendly support department. These guys and their solution/expertise really helped us a lot.

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