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By technical ·
Hi there

I am looking for a helpdesk software solution for our IT department to keep track on all issues and calls for users about on their computers printers and son on? it should be email integrated and PC inventory integrated and web based in order to be able to reach it on any computer, and of course I am not looking for expensive one?

If anyone has got any knowledge\idea on this issue please reply.

Your help is very much appreciated


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Try one of these

by Chris.. In reply to helpdesk software solutio ...

TrackIT or Footprints. Expensive or inexpensive is a relative term but if you're moving in to the arena of real issue management then either of these is a good starting point for function/feature and general base solution expansion.

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Track IT

by marjoun In reply to Try one of these

We had it at the University for over 2 years.
This new version , is very nice

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Yes, Track-IT or Footprints!

by DigitalGuy2k In reply to Track IT

Cut to the chase: Track-IT is an excellent product. Been using it for some time now. The base product is about $1000 and can have you up and running, auditing and managing 100 or so desktops. Addon modules are available that make the product more robust.

Footprints, I heard about and contacted them directly, only quoted me a price. Somewhere in the 5-figure realm. Might be a better product, but startup costs were high.

Assess your site, and research the best option. For me, Track-IT 5.0 (before Intuit aquired Blueocean) was the better solution.

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Another vote for Footprints

by Eric9 In reply to Yes, Track-IT or Footprin ...

We have been using Footprints for almost six years now, and I could not be happier! I understand startup cost is quite high now, but it is a really fantastic program.

We use Footprints for managing and tracking the support issues of 100+ clients, and it really makes the job very manageable.

One of the primary requirements when we were evaluating helpdesk solutions was to be able to access the software without installing anything on the client. At the time Track-It was little more then a spiced-up Access database, whereas Footprints was designed from the ground up to be accessed only by a web interface.

And lastly I must mention that tech support for Footprints is absolutely incredible. Anytime I have any issues I make sure to contact the same rep, and he actually remembers your name and your setup... Very impressive.


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And another vote for footprints

by Chris.. In reply to Another vote for Footprin ...

My only concern is that it does take someone to monitor and customize it. Other than that it's a robust solution for an acceptable price point.

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No monitoring required

by Eric9 In reply to And another vote for foot ...

Hey Chris,

How we have Footprints configured is after an hour of the request sitting there it is automatically assigned to a tech based on the domain which the request came from.

For example if I am set up as the default tech for, then I will get assigned to any ticket from * that is allowed to sit for an hour. It also notifies the client that I am the tech assigned to their issue.

As for configuration, you are certainly right there; I am not familiar with TrackIT, but I could not imagine any package suiting your every need instantly out of the box.

Footprints can get very expensive, very quickly though if you have many users that need to access Footprints concurrently. Their pricing is no longer on their site, but I am fairly certain it is in excess of $1,000 per user. However if you are like us, where you can have ten users, but only three are logged in concurrently it works great considering pretty much everything can be done via commands in your reply e-mail; so you never have to log on at all.


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Another to try

by roger.marquis In reply to helpdesk software solutio ...


Saw your note about a help desk...have you looked at Altiris? They offer a web-based solution that also ties into inventory and other features that can help to reduce the work load on the help desk.

Questions send me a note.


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Good Info

by CoolAdmin In reply to helpdesk software solutio ...

Hey Guys,
Ive find Cool site, MCSE will answer questions.
So, you can try them

Regards, Ann

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