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Helpdesk Software, TopDesk Enterprise 4 in particular

By AdHards ·
The helpdesk that I started working for about 6 months ago had recently implemented TopDesk Enterprise into an otherwise unstructured support department. Myself and a couple of other guys were drafted in to help put it into action.

I have many gripes with this software and know that there are better solutions out there but we are stuck with this one and I wondered if anyone else uses it, what they think of it and if they have overcome any serious problems/gripes with it.

My main issue is the way tickets are communicated to the caller. At the moment the caller is sent a link when new info is created and they have to log on to add their own info and read existing info. For starters, why can't it use pass through authentication and secondly, why does the caller even have to log on to Topdesk? Why cant they just reply to the email and the info automatically be copied to the ticket.

One more thing, why can't the user send an email to the helpdesk and the ticket automatically created instead of helpdesk staff or the user having to create it?

Your issues, thought, solutions and questions are very much welcomed and appreciated!

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RE: Helpdesk Software, TopDesk Enterprise 4 in particular

by chrisjam In reply to Helpdesk Software, TopDes ...

Hi Stradam888,

I'm a consultant at TOPdesk UK and I'm sorry that you are having some issues with our 4.09 version.

I'm also concerned that you were not made aware of some of the core features available in the basic framework of TOPdesk Enterprise. For instance, we have the Automatic Login, single sign-on feature to validate access to the Self Service Desk and Operator sections using the NTLM protocol against your Domain Controller without having to provide your credentials again.

Also all emails sent automatically by the system can be fully customised to include any field from the ticket, or from any related record for that matter, in the email itself. However, IT departments often implement TOPdesk as a way to get away from a dependence on Email to track tasks and in your case it looks like a decision was made to have only a link to the ticket in the email as a way to encourage users to get familiar with the Self Service Desk and not have to email in the first place.

Email Import is another standard feature of TOPdesk Enterprise and can both create a ticket from an email and update an existing ticket that an email refers to, allowing users to just reply to an email from TOPdesk to update a ticket.

Our Support team would be more than happy to show you how to enable these features and talk you through any of your other concerns and see if there are other ways we can help make your experience of TOPdesk better. You can find our Support contact details on the TOPdesk website

Kind regards,

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