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Help...I'm in quite a pickle!

By ttosun ·
I recently relocated from NY to Tampa, FL. I had been searching for jobs online and through the local paper for about 4 weeks now. Last week, I sent out 4 resumes and I immidiately got a response back from an IT consulting and service company. Due to weeks of lacking income (and my wife getting worried I may never work FL is fun when you have no job!) I jumped at the opportunity and interviewed and was hired by the company and start work Monday (today is Thursday). All well and good.

Here's the pickle...I don't really want to work for a service oriented IT company, going from site to site and basically doing help desk type work although I was hired as a Senior Network Technician (whatever that means). I've done that for over seven years at my first IT job and as fun and exciting as it was, I feel I have exhausted that field and really took it as far as it could go. What I really want to do is get more into a network/systems administration position (you know, the type of job I've spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of studying and testing to obtain certifications for)like my last job.

Today, I got the opprtunity to interview for the type of job I really want and was told that I was 1 of 4 candidates being strongly considered for the position. I'm pretty confident that once I interview for this position that I will get it.

That said...what do I do? Do I start work as scheduled and interview with this other company and if hired, immidiately resign from my new job? Or, do I just grin and bear it and let this new opportunity go and try to make the most of the position I've been hired for?

The position I've been hired for does have some very good things about it. It's a relaxed atmosphere with very down to earth people all on a first name basis with each other and the company is growing rather rapidly. If I stick with them, I know with my years of experience in the service end of IT, I could really be an integral part of this company and probably be one of the main driving forces of it in the future.

However, my ultimate goal is to control the IT dept. of a Fortune X company and you simply can't do that if you're not reqiured to wear a tie to work.

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Ask for a delay

by mjd420nova In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

Ask the new employer for a two week delay before starting, that way you should have enough time to find out if you're getting the job you're really interested in. However, it sounds like the first offer may be waht you are looking for, and the opportunity to grom with the firm, and the possiblity of getting what you want as they expand. Try not to let on that you are looking at a better position, as that may sour them altogether. They wouldn't want to hire someone who may leave after a short period, doubling their work to find the right candidate.

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Think about which will you be happy in

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

being in a happy work environment where you feel comfortable is more important than anything else. I once threw (equivalent of about $100k pa) in a job for one that was half the pay and my boss at the time couldn't understand why - he was not paying me enought to deal with the ulcers he was giving me.

I learnt the hard way that the money and prestige is not worth the trouble. One think to remember about the rat race - no matter who wins he/she is still a rat. And another - the rat behind you will be happy to eat the one in front but cares not about the one behind.

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Take the job

by AV . In reply to Help...I'm in quite a pic ...

If you've been out of work for awhile, its always nice to have money again. I would still pursue the other job though, and see if you get a job offer. Right now, you may or may not get that job. If you don't, you will still have the other job to go back to and can continue looking.

I know its an uncomfortable situation to be in, but you have to pursue both opportunities, for yourself. Otherwise you will always wonder what if. Should you get the new job, take it! Why not?

Do whats best for you and your life. Take the job that has the best career path for you. Its not like the olden days anymore. Theres no more gold watches when you retire. Companies today don't hesitate to give you a pink slip.

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That is exactly right.

by maecuff In reply to Take the job

You have to do what is best for you. I certainly wouldn't feel any guilt over taking the job and leaving it for a better opportunity.

You have to be about yourself in this situation. When I'm working for a company, I do give them everything I can, however, I'm always going to do what is best for me and my family first.

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Mae and AV

by jdclyde In reply to That is exactly right.

you both saved me a lot of typing.

Take the job, do your best, keep looking for what it is you want/need out of life.

good luck.

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by rob mekel In reply to Mae and AV

Doubled again, sorry


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If you don't take the job

by rob mekel In reply to Mae and AV

AND ... the job you do like more doesn't come your way ...

The only thing I can say is ... morron.

So take the advice given to you and take that job. Do the interview for the job you like more and take it from there. Or as JD suggests: keep looking for what is you want/need out of life, to add desire in life.

Have fun doing it


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Have to weigh in here

by Tig2 In reply to That is exactly right.

(And no bad jokes...) :)

Take the job in front of you. Settle in and THEN make a choice.

I got pretty sick a few of years ago and couldn't work. Lost EVERYTHING- there is really no help sometimes. I ended up doing System Admin for a complex (Win/UNIX/end users who don't speak English) system that I had to learn on the fly for $10 an hour. Couldn't get anything else- had cancer- no one would hire me- and I couldn't earn too much, I had no insurance.

I appreciate that you are trying to do the right thing. But don't be silly. Take the job and find out if it is the right thing. If it isn't, go to the next one.

You have to consider that your employer doesn't have to go home with you. YOU do. If you hate your life, you CAN'T give your employer your best.

And consider why your goal is working for a Fortune X company. Will you really get what you want?

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To some people Tig

by jdclyde In reply to Have to weigh in here

it is all about the money and nothing else matters. Sad really.

I will take a job I LOVE for a lower paycheck anyday over a place I hate to go to but pays me double.

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MY priorities changed

by Tig2 In reply to To some people Tig

But most people never have to think about that.

I only hope that this guy gets it. I can pray for that.. as long as I don't say that I am praying!

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