Help!!my desktop blank...nothing like icon,wallpaper,start menu

By valkryez ·
PLSS desktop blank T.T,i don know its a virus or a window 7 user,and also my window task manager gone when i click ctrl+alt+delete....plsss help me T.T

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Yep, probably is...

by Toolman5774 In reply to Help!!my desktop blank... ...

Sounds like some malware of sorts. Use a seperate computer to download malwarebytes, spybot, or some other good malware scanner/ remover, put it on USB drive, boot the infected machine to safe mode, and install/ run from USB. Might also just be explorer is crashed...

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by jfuller05 In reply to Yep, probably is...

The problem this guy is having, I've seen on other computers. Start Task Manager and then run explorer.exe; problem fixed.

Of course, the best thing, is to run malware removal tools and spyware removal tools in addition to running explorer.exe. :)

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Or, it may be an already removed infection.

by seanferd In reply to True.

But taskmanager and probably some other access rights (like regedit) have already been changed, and logon entries are probably pointing to something which no longer exists, instead of explorer.exe.

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It's malware

by bni1369 In reply to Help!!my desktop blank... ...

Try this page :
'Help protect Windows from malware with No Autorun'
January 26, 2011 12:37pm PST
It's on the TR website and it's accurate.
Follow the steps mentioned for disinfection in the prior responses, and then disable autorun per the instructions on the page listed. Also, be sure your AV is set to scan on insertion of flashdrives.

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