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I ran disk clean up the other day...and stupidly went to advance ....I unchecked all the boxes but one ...but it cleaned everything...took out my explorer, email...and whatever else...I tried to run restore and of course it won't ...I have got explorer and mail back...but now whenever I click on a link in my email or any other programs installed on my computer they won't open, links work fine on web pages just not anything installed
like my messenger links etc. I am using a compaq presario so just installing certain files from a windows cd is impossible..Any Ideas?

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Repair possibilities

by p.j.hutchison In reply to HELPPPPPP

First make sure your C:\Documents and Settings\username folder exits and all the subfolders eg. Application Data, Local Settings, Desktop, Documents, Sendto and so on.

Next open a command prompt and type CHKDSK C: to make sure the File system is ok. Use /F if it finds some errors.

Run a SFC /SCANNOW command to make sure all your system files are correct and present.

Let me know how you get on...

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I think I am in trouble

by msn In reply to Repair possibilities

in c:/docs and settings application data local settings send to folder...only desktop,contacts, favs, shared, start, windows(which has nothing in it)....
Ran checkdsk c: came up warning f parameter is not specified running chkdsk in read-only mode,
it did its thing and closed...Ran sfc/ ran its course than closed


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Create a new profile

by DrMicro In reply to I think I am in trouble

Create a new profile (which will use the settings in C:\Documents and Settings\Default User and also incorporate the settings in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.)

Copy your email, pictures, documents, music, and whatever's left from your current damaged profile. Once you have the new profile set up (you may have to reinstall some programs or programs setups that only went with your profile), you can delete your old account and profile.

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I will try but...

by msn In reply to Create a new profile

I will try that later...I am in the middle of broadcasting right now...but just to let you know...those folders...application data and local and all those are not in all users or any other user.
Don't know if that will make a difference?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to I will try but...

All users profile contains shared data and does not have an Application Data folder or a Local Settings folder. The 'Default User' folder does but that folder and some subfolders are hidden by default.
Use Folder Options to unhide files and folders for you, then you might see them.

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by msn In reply to Profiles

Ok then I do have those folders under my user name....So if I create a new user ...should everything work again?

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That didn't work either

by msn In reply to Thanks

Made a new profile...
started email...reput in everything...tried to click on a link...wouldn't work

Any other ideas?
Thanks for your time

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Fresh install

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Thanks

I suggest a fresh install of Windows again to fix this problem.

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Repair MSIE

by DrMicro In reply to Thanks

Before you start from scratch, try repairing Internet Explorer with IEFIX; that may restore your clickable links.

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