Help!...someone tossed my PC

By rosiewhinr ·
I need help and don't know where to begin. Someone took my tower and threw it about 6 feet onto a carpeted surface. I opened it up took a quick look thru it and made sure nothing looked broke and everything was still connected. It looked good but will not boot - gets as far as the Windows XP loading graphic stays there about 30 seconds then nothing. The monitor goes into power save mode due to no input. Any help would be appreciated - thanks

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Could be just about anything

by Tig2 In reply to Help!...someone tossed my ...

First- find the SOB that found it necessary to toss your tower and wipe the smegging floor with their idiot self. And make sure that they get the bill.

Now. carefully unseat and reseat everything. Without knowing more about your hardware architecture, that all I can say. Your vid card may be loose(likely culprit)- everything could be loose.

Any repair- including your time- should be charged to the in-duh-vidual that found it necessary to enter "Tower Tossing" as an Olympic event. Wrong. Just wrong.

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Was it turned on?

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Could be just about anyth ...

Was your computer on or off when it was tossed? If it was on, the impact could've trashed the HDD. A head crash could be responsible as well as the other components being jarred loose inside. Reseat everything as Tig said, cross your fingers and turn it back on.

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Hard disk failure

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to Help!...someone tossed my ...

As you see a bootable Windows XP loading graphics that means it has detected the root partition and trying to boot from your hard disk but in due course of the crash, the HDD might have produced some physical bad sectors in it which leads to such failures. Did you hear some strange and irregular noises from your tower something like a revolving disk noise? Try listening to it closely and if that is the case then your HDD has definitely caused some bad physical sectors in it. There is no way as far as I know, to repair a physically corrupt HDD upto 100 % and you need to get a new hard disk before you loose all your data. There are utilities which can atleast recover your data from such drive failures.

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by rosiewhinr In reply to Help!...someone tossed my ...

Thanks everyone for the input...
It was powered down when thrown
as for noise when powered up I will have to listen more closely
gonna give the re-seating a try

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If reseating does not work,

by w2ktechman In reply to Thanks

then pull everything that you can out. It may be that an add-in card or external device is causing the problem. If it starts booting, it is probably loading drivers and services, then hangs on one.
If the problem still occurs with minimal devices, then see if you can slave the hdd in another unit and at least recover data or take it to a shop for that.

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