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Here I sit, broken hearted.....

By jdclyde ·

Working late tonight, fun fun.

Bosses computer took a puke, so having to migrate him to a different system. Got tomorrow and Monday off, so figured I would hang around and finish the system up. (no, was not asked, and I don't think the boss even knows I am still here)

Everyone else is long gone, so I get to jam out the tunes, thank goodness for imeem. B-)

This would be less boring if I wasn't just sitting here while data copies from one system to another... ya know?

Anyone else bored?

Oh, did I mention I only have 5 work daze left in the year? B-)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Here I sit, broken hearte ...

I can't jam out, here.
1 student so far, taking her final early. I suppose I could be productive and grade something, but I think I'd rather half doze.

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You need an mp3 player!

by jdclyde In reply to PPPY.

I rock out all day long, everyday. I just can't crank it up during the day. B-)

That reminds me, I have some grading to do when I get home. Stupid on-line class I am teaching. I can't believe how many people sign up for college classes and then never show up..... :0

Got 4 people that didn't even take the midterm. dumb.....

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In a word, yes

by Michael Jay In reply to Here I sit, broken hearte ...

but I have no work days left in the year, hahaha

I win...


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by jdclyde In reply to In a word, yes

I just hope that is by choice....

Two daze next week, one the next, two the next. Sweeeeeet.

You at work or home?

Figure I have about 15 minutes of double checks left.....

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I am home dude

by Michael Jay In reply to BOO!

It is after 7 pm, they got nothing for me after 4:30...

Unless they beg.

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Normally out at 5pm

by jdclyde In reply to I am home dude

I just figured I don't have anything else going on. Grandma picked up my boys from practice, and this helps make up for the 3 hours I missed earlier in the week because of road conditions.

Well, that and they let me leave early to get to my boys school events.

We take care of each other, ya know? ;\

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If you are still sitting there being bored

by Michael Jay In reply to Normally out at 5pm
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by jdclyde In reply to If you are still sitting ...

I had just seen the discussion, but hadn't read most of the posts.

Definitely one of those comments that you laugh at and then quickly look around to see if anyone saw you.... ;\

Off to see how badly people jumped on him for saying it about Toni....

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by jdclyde In reply to BAWAAHAHAAAHAAAAAAA

did I laugh out loud?

why is it things that aren't funny are funny in the fact that they are not funny?

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Seven days left

by mjd420nova In reply to Here I sit, broken hearte ...

I'll be off from the 22nd to the New Year. But this starting at 4AM is really tearing a hole in my other activities. Plus I have to work this Saturday, another 12 hour day. I wish I could listen to something, anything. I'm required to wear earplugs and it drives me nuts. One advantage is I can cuss a blue streak and no one hears me. It tend to talk a lot to inanimate objects, like lasers and sensors that have gone astray. This control programing gets to be a real pain but it's nice when it all comes together.

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