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Here is the printer "pictures" the guy sent me!

By 5jgibbs ·
Remember the mishap were the guy sent me the broken printer?? Well this a few pictures of it, he said it was in beautiful condition, but I guess he lied. It does not even print. Its TOTALLY BROKEN.. god!!

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Sorry to say it

by Oz_Media In reply to Here is the printer "pict ...

I really am, I know you are just looking for something affordable that was sold in good faith.

I am sorry to say though that if he sent you those pictures BEFORE the purchase you should have passed. It does NOT appear to be equipment that has been kept clean and in good order, especialy considering just how sensitive these machine are to the SLIGHTEST bit of dirt or gummy gunk. This looks like it has been in the garbage for a week already.

Again, I am not blaming you though, you are just taking someone's word for granted and in good faith.

If you have it in writing that the printer was in good working condition, this is a case of misrepresentation and you should be able to recover your costs legally BUT at an expense.

I would chalk it up as experience though, even though your budget doesn't allow for it, and just look to other avenues as Maxwell and I have suggested.

Find a local organization to sponsor you by providing used WORKING equipment, if not new. Companies get a tax write off, it looks good when you provide credit and thanks on your website and get's thier name in ONE more place where they can be seen as charitable and caring of the people and the community.

Definitely look for some local companies, I have a very strong feeling you will find great support,especially after such an escapade as you have had with this one. It is too bad that people like that exist, money is more important than passing on some good used equipment at a fair proce to someone who can use it.

Don't forget to make sure you mention your issue on the e-Bay seller's review. You may just be able to help someone else falling into such a mess in the future.

I actually did speak with a few friends that own local businesses but thier predictable response was, why hasn't someone locally (where you are) helped out? This raises many questions for some people, expecially when some trust/faith has to be given to the organization in need.

Another thing that comes to mind, if your website sees some traffic or is promoted to local companies, place the request on your website! How Can You Help Us? With some information on things that would help you succeed in achieving your goals. ESPECIALLY with the school's name behind it, you shouldn't have problems. People there aren't really that uncaring are they?

Good luck!

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by 5jgibbs In reply to Here is the printer "pict ...

He gave me diffrent pictures, and said the item was similar.. but they were not screwed up.. i removed them, from my computer. Then when this happened he took them down from ebay. He has a rating of 99 with thousands of points for good feedback.. i dont know what went wrong. But i will take your suggestion. Thanks


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Ugly thing - isn't it

by house In reply to Here is the printer "pict ...

I don't buy anything from eBay besides media that I cannot find anywhere else...

> Gamecube games
> DVD's

My girlfriend orders makeup from the US as well. I would never buy anything like that printer though.

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State surplus

by Salamander In reply to Here is the printer "pict ...

Many U.S. states have state surplus divisions that sell surplus computer equipment at around 60% of blue book. Some of it is junk, but if you are affiliated with a school or other quasi-government entity, it might be worth checking out to see if you qualify for priority for any auctions. Some of this stuff is also auctioned to the public. My recollection is that the U.S. Federal Surplus Program has more stringent requirements.

Best of luck...

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by 5jgibbs In reply to Here is the printer "pict ...

Thanks that sounds like a good idea!!


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In all honesty it's rather baffling!

by Oz_Media In reply to Here is the printer "pict ...

I don't understand how a school backed charity is experiencing such problems, it's sad really.

Students want to help out soldiers in a country that supports it's troops and war efforts with every bit of energy it has. And yet children taking up support for the troops can't get support?

I'm pretty good with 'C-level' idiots, er..I mean, employees.

I am almost ready to start canvassing your area for one myself, I can't believe these poeple are so reluctant to take action.

Let me know how it goes, I have no problem sending a few emails to your local businesses on your behalf if you want.

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by 5jgibbs In reply to In all honesty it's rathe ...

Well, our schools is a bit.. touchy on money situations. It?s a part of the schools honor society program, but new Hartford has to follow school code set by the local and national government. That prohibits raffling and so forth. So mass mailing is what we were after. But our computer labs have gown through 1 maintenance kit ad 10 boxes of high yield toner from heave usage. So we are not being promoted to those recourses. I will scrounge up a few local business names and il post em later tomorrow if you or anyone would like to give support for our cause. Thanks a lot.


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My pleasure

by Oz_Media In reply to cool

It would be my pleasure to do what I can, I can't promise you to get you a printer but I will promise you my help and support however needed.

You can peer mail me and I will pass on my email addy for you to keep in contact and see what we can get done. I am known as Anti-American and Anti-Bush around here because I didn't like the way Bush made the decision to go to war, so I wouldn't want to upset people by helping you out publicly on TR.

I am 150% behind the men an women who do their duty as vowed to their country though.

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