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    Here’s a good one for TCI/IPer’s


    by leos ·

    Here is the scoop– I have a plant in mexico
    that connects to our RS6000 through a VPN so they can access MO’s and other files. We need them to be able to print There labels locally. They have one computer with a dialup used to connect to web and then vpn, there label printer is on a hp jetdirect in their network and I need them to be able to access it through the rs6000 and our manufacturing software. AIX’s AP ( attached printer command doesn’t work in this program) I need to give it an IP address so that it can be found can it be a non-routable becuse they are already in my netork from the vpn or should I have there isp sell them a routable address and then how does that work????

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      Here’s a good one for TCI/IPer’s

      by stillatit ·

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      If you think about the routing, you will see that you have a problem. If the computer which dials up and establishes the vpn is not a server, it will not route for you. There is no path for the RS6000 to reach the printer directly.

      Possible solutions include making the calling computer a server (running the server OS, with its costs), or possibly having a linux machine doing the dial-up and vpn and routing. If you do have the dialing machine doing routing, you can use a non-routable addressas long as you have a static route in the RS6000 to tell it to route that address through the vpn, and a route on the Mexico side to route traffic to the RS6000 over the vpn.

      Giving the printer a valid IP address will not work by itself. You mustalso give it a way to connect to the internet directly.

      Other possibilities include having the RS6000 generate a PostScript file and having the workstation on the Mexico side pull the file and send it to the printer. This might be practical for big jobs, but not for single pages.

      Good luck.

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      Here’s a good one for TCI/IPer’s

      by mckaytech ·

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      It’s difficult to give a complete answer without knowing more about your specific VPN setup. As the answer above correctly states, if you’re using something like the Cisco VPN system with a VPN Concentrator here and the Cisco VPN client there, you’re going to have some problems.

      One solution you may want to look at is setting up the dialup computer with LRP (Linux Router Project) software. It will run on a 486DX/66 with 12meg of RAM and no hard drive and there is an IPSec capability. In this case, you would set up a LAN-to-LAN VPN tunnel and the LRP box will handle all the routing. Just give the JetDirect an IP address consistent with the subnet on the Mexico end and at your end, point the printer traffic towards the VPN.

      I’ll beglad to offer other suggestions if you can share what sort of VPN you’re running and how the dialup computer fits into the LAN at the Mexico end.


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      Here’s a good one for TCI/IPer’s

      by leos ·

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