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Here's a headwrecker !

By Oz_Media ·
Just watching one of those tech shows about new gadgets. Engineers in England have developed a new cell phone case (the removable plastic covers) to reduce the impact of plastics in the dumps due to the number of cell phones/covers that get tossed each year.

They have designed one that you simply plant in a flowr pot (just like any other seed) when your done with it because the display window gets scratched up etc.

It will biodegrade (here's the fun part) and has a seed built into it so it will grow a sunflower or one of several other flowers.

Pretty cool, and these guys get paid HUGE dosh to come up with this stuff. Gotta love it!

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Phones to Flowers

by BFilmFan In reply to Here's a headwrecker !

Considering the number of upper managers running about with flowers in their hair in the 60's, it might be an excellent use for their phones, faxes, computers, etc. Put them all out puttering in the garden!

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Or maybe

by Oz_Media In reply to Phones to Flowers

It's just them gettng older and having more time to think up these zany yet eco-friendly ideas. :)

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by LiamE In reply to Here's a headwrecker !

Well next time your mobile goes to pot....

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by jdclyde In reply to Here's a headwrecker !

Any word on when this will be available globally?

Wonder a few things.

1) what the case is made of that will break down.
2) how durable the case is.
3) don't get caught in the rain.

Thanks for the point of interest.

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I just caught the end of it

by Oz_Media In reply to available?

I actually didn't catch the whole segment but apparently it is a biodegradeable plastic.

It looks just like any other hard case, except with pictures of whatever flower seed is in it.

They are still in testing stages and nothng has been approved yet.

I don't think a bit of rain is an issue, apparently it takes a while to degrade, the case neds to be removed (open the two halves) and the seed is active from the inside of one half. I think being caught in the rain would cause more damage to the phone itself (especially those flip phones with the boards sandwiched within a few thousandths of each other, major design flaw).

Just thought it was clever and techie interesting.

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