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Here's how DUMB I can be - well, one example anyway

By Oz_Media ·
This is a REAL doozy, just happened and I am SOOOOOO stupid (eat it up guys)!!!

Have been wroking on a new website for a few weeks now, yesterday I had compiled what I needed, finalised a CSS template and was good to go.

So I started adding content to all the pages, and it looked great.

This morning, first thing I do at work is create a small file link and update the template's css.

After doing so, Dreamweaver allows me to update all files using this template, "yes sir I sure want that now!" How easy this has all become these days!

The template couldn't match an editable region, not wanting to double up the tables on all pages (which is what happens when you add it anyway) I decided to set it as unresolved/do not place. What I didn't realize is that it was the MAIN BODY TABLE!!!!!

It ended up removing the body copy from ALL Pages, product graphics, copy etc.


No problem, I am dilligent and have seen such probs before, I can just open my backup copy.

Well my backup copy was on a thumb drive WHICH HAS DIED!!!!!

OMFG again!

Now I sit here, with all hope lost, needing to recreate over 46 pages one by friggin one.

Oh well, I am off for the long weekend this afternoon, gonna get out of town with a HEAP of friends and spread a lost friend's ashes on a nice mountainside by a lake.

**** on work, I'm sick of this crap today. Long weekend time!

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Here's how DUMB I can be ...

Nice one. I guess it will be waiting for you, and you are not going to finish by 5, so you may as well **** that pop stand!

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Got other stuff I can do, I guess

by Oz_Media In reply to Doh!!

I said I'd hang around 'til after lunch.

I have other stuff i can do, play with my CRM, check out my pipeline and plan next week, clean out my truck, visit TR, look for movies to download etc.

I can always put together a Power Point or something and look busy.

That's pretty much my everyday though, I just find useful things to do and people to go visit(my actual job)when I don't feel like hanging around in the office.

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Walk away. Back up slowly and turn around.....

by jdclyde In reply to Here's how DUMB I can be ...

On the bright side, something like this is ALWAYS better made the second time around, AND you already know what you want it to look like!

Years ago I was doing the y2k re-write of our in-house cobol programs. We were using RMcobol on unix.

I typed in the rmcobol <file name> command but put a space between the rm and the cobol...... oh sh##.

The prompt I got back was "file cobol not found, one file deleted.". :0

rm = remove.... damnitallanyways....

I feel your pain... B-) ;\

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by Oz_Media In reply to Walk away. Back up slowl ...

Usually I am laid back enough to take it and laugh but as I had planned on being at this stage a week ago (lazy arsed Canabrit just couldn't get his butt in gear and get it done) this one's a real setback now. I guess I have all day Monday to get a FEW pages done and that'll make me fell better anyway. It's just that I had been putting off teh content and link building for a bit, got bored of building the template and sat on teh rest for a while.

I was pretty chuffed when I had it all done yesterday (even put in 12 minutes overtime to get it done, WITHOUT pay!).

Sigh, cold beer, dirt bikes, cold beer, tranquility, cold beer, mountains, cold beer....I'll get over it after a few days of that and much bitching and swearing about it with friends who put up with my bitching and swearing about work on a long weekend.

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by jdclyde In reply to Thanks

that sounds like a cure for what ails you! B-)

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Man! Bummer. Happens to the best of us.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Here's how DUMB I can be ...

For what it's worth, this tool has helped me recover data from USB drives several times and it's free - Smart Data Recovery:

But it you've already sh*tcanned the thing and headed out for the weekend... Hey... have a good time, you deserve it.

...even if you are an ***! ;-)

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nah got a couple of hours yet

by Oz_Media In reply to Man! Bummer. Happens to ...

I told them I was leaving after lunch, the PTB and associated cronies are still doing inventory, so I'll muck around here and answer the phone for a bit. I also have a customer on route that I can drop something off for and get the mileage, so I am SORTA working this afternoon, as far as the taxman is concerned anyway.

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Hmm, you missed the article

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Here's how DUMB I can be ...

about having more than one backup then?

And the one about you haven't backed up anything if you haven't proved a restore.

We've all done this one, the trick is, not to do it twice.

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Backup shmackup

by Oz_Media In reply to Hmm, you missed the artic ...

As has been said before, it'll go much easier and will look better the second time around.

This was just somethign i had on my not4ebook, I didn't even do a real backup and just C&P'd files to a jump drive to transfer some info., which was subsequently lost.

Oh well, just more work for next week, its just that I was REALLY bored of it and was so happy that I finally got down to all the content yesterday and had it all ready to roll. Now I have to do it again, bummer!

All those product pages, graphics and links.....

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Ooowee, bummer...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Here's how DUMB I can be ...

hate when that happens.

Pass the salt, please.

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