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Here's one for ya, text messaging anyone?

By Oz_Media ·
Greg Hardesty?s teenage daughter managed to send 14,528 text messages last month. When he received his 440 page AT&T wireless phone bill, he thought it was a mistake. The dad, age 45, said ?First I laughed. I thought ?That?s insane. That?s impossible.? And I immediate whipped out the calculator to see if it was humanly possible.? He found out that it was, but just barely.

Reina, his 13-yr old daughter, would?ve had to send text message at the rate of 484 per day, or one every two minutes of every waking hour. When the father asked ?Who are you texting anyway? Your entire school?? She replied, ?A lot of my friends have unlimited texting. I just text them pretty much all the time.?

According to the report, she routinely messages a core group of ?four obsessive texters,? all girls between 12 and 13 years old on her LG phone. Reina managed to text one of her friends who was sitting right next to her at a karaoke party.

Hardesty?s AT&T phone plan included unlimited texting for $30/month. If he would?ve had to pay standard AT&T rates the bill would?ve been a whopping $2,905.60 (at $0.20 per message).

According to Nielson studies, the average 13- to 17-yr old teen texts 1,742 messages per month. Hardesty admits that he texts around 900 messages per month (30 per day), which is about 700 more than his age group.

As a result of this last month?s activity, and in an attempt to curtail her texting activity, Hardesty and his ex-wife have now told Reina she can no longer send text messages after dinner.

get a frickin' life, what a loser!!

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by santeewelding In reply to Here's one for ya, text m ...

Break up your own posts into suitable text lengths and what do you get?

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I don't know, nor care in the least

by Oz_Media In reply to Oz

It was copied and pasted from the link provided.

But if you are suggesting that my posts are the same as text messaging friends who are sitting right beside me, think again.

We have discussions here, not one word conversations.

"So, what are ou doing"
"where are you?"
Wanna get together?"
"how about afetr dinner"
"sure, text me"
"where will we go"
"I don't know"
"Any ideas"
"so what's brian up to?"
"Yeah, Brian"
"Oh Brian, don't know"

You can't hold a conversation that way. i have a friend who never answers his phone, even if holding it in his hand wihle it rings. However if you text him, instant reply (if the text message doesn't get held by Telus for a couple fo hours).

Its teh most annoying and aggravating thing I've experienced. It takes 10 messages just to say "Wanna go to the track? What time and where?"

"Hey what's up, call me!"
"Wanna hit the track, call me!""
"Sounds good, what time?"
"When you're ready, CALL ME!!!!"
"Out with kids now, will be home in a while"
"I'll pick you up, what time? CAAAALLLLL MEEEE!!!!"
"This afternoon"
"around 2"
"I'll be there at 2"
"OKAY, sounds good"

That could have been taken care of in 2 minutes with a live call, yet a half hour later we finally manage to struggle through the insanely ridiculous task of texting a conversation, how is THAT saving time or making life easier?!

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I used to agree with you on that

by Forum Surfer In reply to I don't know, nor care in ...

But dating in the modern world forced me into texting, lol. I find it far easier now to communicate. If I'm with the kids it takes less of my time and attention to carry on a conversation with someone else. Not to mention if I'm off work and need to explain something to a co-worker doing it via text doesn't spoil my day quite as bad.

Back to the dating in the modern world...what fun is a relationship without the random mid day dirty texts? Next thing you know you're both on the same page when you get off of work and dinner can wait. Texting definitely changed the modern dating game.

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I'd like to know

by puppybreath In reply to Here's one for ya, text m ...

how you text every two minutes while in school. I can see her getting away with it once in a while, but all day long? Where are the teachers?

I'm sure her grades reflect her apparent lack of interest in her classes.

And what great parents. Don't stop her from doing it in school, just after dinner. Looks like the "loser" label doesn't fall far from the tree in their family.

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They do it all the time

by Oz_Media In reply to I'd like to know

My brother's wife teaches high school and she says she just can't stop it. There's too much political Bs and beaurocratic red tape to confiscating things these days, and you can't cane the little 'kers like when I was a kid, most school districts don't even allow after school chores like garbage pick up as it infringes on THIER time and is outside of normal school hours.

'kin little peckers would have one **** of awake up call if I taught thier classes.

It would begin with something like" "Your mommy aint here now and your daddy is out getting laid, so STFU and eyes forward you little pi$$ ants!"

Yeah, I better stay away form teaching children these days in such an overly sensitive and coddling society.

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The problem with that count

by jdclyde In reply to Here's one for ya, text m ...

how many of the text messages were nothing more than "LOL!" ?

I drove my boys cross country team to a match that was across the state (3hour drive). They spent half the time texting each other or the people in the other cars of our caravan.

As for the bill, it shows the stupidity of both the guy and his daughter. If it was not a part of the plan, she should not have been ALLOWED to use it in the first place, and it was HIS job to let her know what was and wasn't part of the plan.

To say no texting after dinner is just stupid and has nothing to do with the issue other than to show he is pathetic.

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by Tink! In reply to The problem with that cou ...

You're going blind...or are just in a hurry. They had an UNLIMITED texting plan. The article just shows the bill as a comparative reference.

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by DMambo In reply to JD

Hey, how's it going? Nice to see you around!

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Hey DMambo

by Tink! In reply to Tink!

Nice to see someone noticed by "absence".

I've been popping in alot less of late due to alot of work - and much of my "free" time is used at my other favorite forum which actually pays me money for posting. (Very minimal amounts...but I can use every cent I can get right I'm sure many of us could.)

I stop by at least once everyday but I don't always take the time to post. I'm just the observer in the shadows :)

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Great idea Tig

by Oz_Media In reply to Hey DMambo

You should pass on thier address to the government, maybe they can make som emoney that way too, and perhaps find something GWB would actually be good at !

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