Here's one for you.

By RooBee81 ·
My hubby was so gracious as to download a program called GhostSurf 2006. I have tried deleting it through the program and deleting it through my remove programs. Both, froze up and caused a re-boot. How do I get rid of it? Can I get rid of it? Should I just ban him from my computer?

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This one is really easy

by Tig2 In reply to Here's one for you.

Ban him, Ban him NOW!

OK. Silliness over. First go to and download a free tool called CCleaner. Used to be Cr@p Cleaner but it changed... in name only.

Now, back-up everything. Verify your back-up.

Find the folder this thing is in. Start with C:\\Program Files\Ghost Surf. Delete the file. Empty the Recycle Bin.

Now run CCleaner in registry clean mode. Run it over and over until it can't find anything else to kill.


Now create a restore point.

Next we will discuss how to password protect your account on the computer and give hubby a protected place to play. Believe me, it will help!

Good luck!

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If that doesn't get it

by jdclyde In reply to This one is really easy

Try it in Safe Mode.

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then, if still having problems

by Jaqui In reply to If that doesn't get it

DBAN and install linux, don't give hubby the root password.

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by RooBee81 In reply to then, if still having pro ...

I have no idea what linux is.

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Yes ban his butt

by IC-IT In reply to Here's one for you.

Just kidding. It appears to be a legitimite program to allow anonymous surfing and some spyware protection.
To remove it you may need to reinstall it, reboot and then use add/remove programs to uninstall it. Here is a link to their troubleshooting page, you can go to the downloads section to obtain another copy if the installer is not still present.

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Of course....

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Yes ban his butt

why would he need that program? What is he trying to hide? Is he living a secret life? Is he really an agent for the CIA? Of course not, he seems much too intelligent to be one of those dopes.

Sorry, I tend to be a conspiracy nut and am a little off.

Speeling sucks

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by RooBee81 In reply to Of course....

It's ok, he's a conspiracy nut, also. He thinks I have a program installed that records all of his key strokes, because I know what sites he's visiting.

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Of course, relating to your previous post . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to hmmmmmmmmmmm

Once you give him a laptop in his truck, he won't have to worry any more will he?

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We will see

by RooBee81 In reply to Of course, relating to yo ...

With his track record. I don't think he will be out one trip without doing something to it. So, then I will have to fix it. I've only had to re-boot my system on my HP 4 times, and re-install my DVD drives 8 times. He is the computers worst enemy and a computer techs best friend.

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Thats why a dedicated GPS system would be better

by JamesRL In reply to We will see

He won't get to fiddle with it - kinda works or not. They are pretty cheap now - some can be had for under $200. You can't add GPS to a laptop for much less. TomTom One seems cheap and cheerful.

A laptop would be handy on the road for looking up emails but difficult to use (and dangerous) if moving.


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