Hey guys i need advice and some software!

By cjbrown11 ·
Ok so at my school we webcast our football games and we use adobe flash media encoder to broadcast it off of our webpage. SO i was wondering what i can do to get a scoreboard (like on tv) in the corner of the screen at all times.....that way we can have an extra video input and not have to waste one on a still camera that just sits focusing on the scoreboard that we occasionally pic in pic it.... so can any one give ideas or links and software...thanks

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I'm no video engineer, but it sounds like you're looking for a video mux

by ManiacMan In reply to Hey guys i need advice an ...

or multiplexer as they're known to combine multiple images and overlay them onto a single display. You may want to call BlackBox Network Services (, as I'm sure they have the equipment you're looking for, since they're a large distributor of equipment and supplied for the datacom, telecom, video and security systems industry. When you explain what you're looking for, they may be able to find the equipment you need or point you in the right direction.

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We already have a multiplexer, we just need the software...

by cjbrown11 In reply to I'm no video engineer, bu ...

We already have a multiplexer, we just need the software...we need the ticker like on tv...

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Be an interesting item to learn

by CG IT In reply to We already have a multipl ...

not sure if the scrolling ticker you see on the bottom of the screen is real time or time delayed.

please post back with your resolution.

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No resolution yet

by cjbrown11 In reply to Be an interesting item to ...

so its been a long time and still no solution
if anyone knows anything
software to just allow u to overlap a video feed and create graphics
that would be great
we use adobe media encoder

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