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Hey Justin, article for ya. - Using Java class's in Perl

By DanLM ·
All languages have their strong points. When I can combine various language strong points, I am always interested. Thought you might be also.

I want to talk to the Java coder here to see what he thinks about this also.


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This will probably be useful to people with lots of Perl ...

by jslarochelle In reply to Hey Justin, article for y ...

...code wanting to use a Java library. However, unless the Java library is very complex it might be cleaner just to rewrite the library in Perl. If the library is too complex and/or you don't really have a lot of Perl code that you want to reuse it might be more interesting to use one of the other languages supported by the Java platform. For example you could use <i>Groovy</i> or <i>JRuby</i>. The syntax of a language like Groovy might be more friendly to someone working in Perl and the integration of Groovy with Java is really good (it compiles directly to Java byte code).<br/>

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one of the great things about perl, least in my eyes

by DanLM In reply to This will probably be use ...

Is the pool of reusable code that is out there. cpan and others for Perl. I look at the ability of using java class's in Perl as another addition to that pool of reusable code.

I guess that's my point, not so much that I will always use it. But it's there for me to use.


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