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    Hey Mates


    by gary56789 ·

    I have a multi-user PC (XP Pro) with one admin and three limited user accounts.

    Whenever any user changes video settings (like resolution), it changes the same for the other accounts. How do I correct this so that they can only change their own account settings?

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      by gary56789 ·

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      You made me curious

      by ic-it ·

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      I had tried this a year ago on a multi-user system and none of the programs or hacks would lock the individual users resolutions.

      This time I may have found an utility to do this. You may write a batch file for each users start-up and accomplish this (I hope).

      Please let us know how it goes. The utility is Multires.

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        Thanks for the quick reply

        by gary56789 ·

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        The program didn’t work but it gave me a few minutes of hope.

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          Got it Working

          by ic-it ·

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          I had to write a batch file like this;

          cd c:\program files\multires
          multires.exe /1024,768,32 /exit

          Then modify it for each user to meet their preferences.
          If the user is not an administrator, make sure you give them the proper permissions to the bat file and place it in their respective startup path.
          The only reason for the /exit was the cmd window would stay open, without a return from the program.

          edited to give ctrservices a shot at seeing this 😉

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          by gary56789 ·

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          I appreciate the help.

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