hey. microsoft office 07

By bucklechr ·
looking for 25 digit product key for microsoft office 2007

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It is either

by IC-IT In reply to hey. microsoft office 07

On your product package or in the purchase sheet. Surely a Reseller is not looking for a pirated key?!

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Easy Enough

by The Scummy One In reply to hey. microsoft office 07

Well, you can look with your cd's for it, or you can contact

However, if you just want to pirate it, here are some
working keys


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by cmiller5400 In reply to Easy Enough

I'll have to try those keys! :)

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by seanferd In reply to hey. microsoft office 07

I only have ten digits handy.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to sorry
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Easy the answer is

by OH Smeg In reply to hey. microsoft office 07

The Product Key is a 25 Digit Alpha Numeric String that you need to type in to allow M$ Office 2007 to install.

It is always on either a Orange Sticker attached to the package that the product came in or on a Piece of Paper sent along with the Install Media from M$ for Volume License Product.

Even if the Product Key has been banned by M$ it will still allow you to install the Product but it will not activate or allow you to apply any Hot Fixes.

If you where silly enough not to store the Volume License Agreement from M$ in your files you need to pickup the Install Disc and ring M$ Support and ask for a replacement Product Key.

M$ is always very helpful and will supply you a new Product Key if the old one has been disallowed but will charge you for a replacement one if you lost it. They E-Mail you a Replacement Key when they are satisfied that you are doing nothing wrong so you'll need to not only Identify yourself and tell them where you purchased your copy from and so on but to allow M$ to supply th correct Key you will need to read the Code off the Inner Ring of the Install Disc so I hope you have good eyesight.

If you already have one License Installed and want to get the Product Key off the Working Copy all you need is a Product Called Magic Jellybean Keyfinder available from here

You may need to use a Different Browser to Infernal Exploder as some versions will not allow easy connection to this site.


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